A little boat I am

Make me

Maybe with plantain trunk or thermocol

Maybe with scrap paper or newspaper

The material doesn’t matter, care does

All I crave is to be made with love, with enthusiasm

Decorate me with candle, cracker, Betle leaf, betel nut

Or just allow the simplicity to garland my body

All I want is to be decorated with a smile on your lips, a twinkle in your eyes

Paddle me

Maybe along with my friends or alone

Maybe in a lotus clad lake or in muddy rills

I feel neither superior nor inferior

All I need is to be paddled with hopes, with trust

After making me, decorating me, paddling me

Don’t just move back

Stay a little longer

Wish me goodbye a little louder

Look at me a little more

Feel that skip of the heartbeat when I wobble

Clap with glee when I speed up

And chant the maritime glory of your ancestors

A boat I am

Neither mechanised nor expensive

Neither laden with heaviness nor meant to travel a faraway land

But a little one I am

Fragile, yet confident

Simple, yet serene

In this carnival of culture, a celebrity I am

A little boat I am


Happy Kartik Purnima🛶⛴

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