Miss India

Miss Manasa Samyuktha,
I don’t know which tag can suit you the best; “The girl with guts” or “The woman with wisdom”. But I won’t be wrong if I say you as the personification of courage, determination, hope and success. Everyone of us has some answers ready with us when anyone asks us about the aim of our life. But how many of us become able to fulfil that! Some can’t enlighten the candle of courage amidst the darkness of failure and frustration. Some dreams get wilted in the scorch of family pressure & social responsibility. But you were the one who left no stone unturned to make your dream into reality. When a girl belongs to a middle-class family, it is very difficult to be bold and to fit into the guidebook of an Indian girl at the same time. If you put your opinions, if you go against your parent’s wish, if you take decisions of your life on your own, then in everyone’s eyes you become the girl who doesn’t know manners. But your audacity was of another level that fuelled you to climb the cliff of risk.
Samyukta, you broke the misconception of many people that emotional girls are not wise. You were emotional enough to be trapped in the memory of your dead dadajii anytime and everytime. But you were wise enough to build the empire of your business starting from nothing. Vijay came as an angel in your life, but I won’t blame you for letting him go. Patriarchy is so deeply rooted in our society that every man feels insecure about her woman when she has big dreams and Vijay was not an exception.
I got astonished by your confidence in the way you challenged Kailash without caring about your gender, age and nil experience. You were the girl who was too reluctant to attend parties, who used to think thousand times before going for dinner with a guy. And later people watched you as the girl who left her home to pursue her goal, who sold tea on the roadside in the USA, distributed templates by walking door to door. With this, you showed everyone that conservative girls are not cowards, they just channelize their courage in a different direction.
Vikram lifted you from the ground of nothingness & held you when you fell from the sky of success. You should be grateful to him & you were too. But you didn’t let that gratitude lead you on a path away from your ambition. It takes a lot to fall in love with a person & it takes a lot more to rise in the career. You might have understood this very well. You became the victim of the betrayal of Naina, your close friend. But instead of dipping in grief, you rose as an inferno with doubled brightness.
I don’t know whether your story is just meant to be shown as a movie or one can live it in reality. The only thing I know and can say confidently is that your story pushes many girls to run towards their goals with energized willpower.
At last, I want to confess one thing, I was so engrossed in your character that I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen till the end of the movie. And headache captured me after that. You had cast such a spell on me that for the first time in my life, a cup of tea made its way into my mouth. It is called the power of Miss Indiaā˜•(laughs)
“Zindagi ek sunhera mauka hai apni kabiliyat ko prove karne k liye. Just prove it”
Bye-bye Tarigida tarigida taq taq teišŸ˜

A fan of you

2 thoughts on “Miss India

  1. I have seen this movie. It’s a very good movie. I liked it. The acting of Keerthy Suresh is outstanding and the background music is lovely. Since I have started watching South Indian movies, I have become a fan of them. They make movies beautifully with small-small nuances, beautiful music, and background music.

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