C/16 Connection

//See good people as monuments.

You may or may not have them near you always.

But you will always meet them whenever you walk on the memory lane.//


When you get annoyed with the lengthiness, singularity & difficulty in the nomenclature of insects, just utter Snehal Mandeep Das Mahuri. You’ll feel elated for having such a distinctive nomenclature as the first member of your this family. He has the calibre to do & to fuel others to do the things in the least possible time without fearing the output. This fickle-minded, yet strong-headed guy owns a bunch of goodness, worth appreciating, worth learning. If you believe that love is a sacred thing & girls aren’t bad beings, then it’s advisable to maintain distance from him to prevent the creation of an argument or breakage of your belief.


Trilokya maybe just a proper noun, but Shiba babu is a feeling for this family, feeling of seriousness and shyness, gentleness and graciousness. He is placid enough to swallow the venom of bad words dripping from his friends and with the help of his third eye, he can know what’s happening where in the lives of people. Group-A records will always remain indebted to him because their fates were used to be written only after his date decision in the index, most of the times.


She is the darling of Garfield and Doraemon is her dear. When people call her by the name of her dear Doraemon, she swells in happiness. She proves herself as a real darling of Garfield by learning & reciprocating laziness. She owns the capacity to cry a river and masters the craft of cracking jokes. Sometimes she gets occupied by the spirit of calmness and sometimes by naughtiness. Little little moles reign the realm of her fascinating smile and simplicity is the ruler of her personality.


A DSLR isn’t needed to perfectly capture her beauty. She can weave her beauty in thumbnails and wear the crown of self-obsession by tilting her head in every possible angle and taking hundreds of selfies in one go. She doesn’t leave footprints, instead, she leaves her fingerprints on the walls wherever she stays. Public wants to know from her that how she feels when people wash the holiness of her name in the river of fun and how she keeps her mind in the right place when the alphabets of her name get misplaced by others.


A thousand gazes of boys can get fixated when a smile walks on her face. Hundreds of crackers get exploded in the hearts of many boys, the source being her cuteness. The decibel produced from her voice can strongly compete with the sound produced from our class just after getting punishment from Ipsita ma’am.


When prettiness becomes blessed with confidence & boldness, then sky of sovereignty remains no more unreachable. One can realise it while looking at Nutan. She can’t be confined inside a mother’s guidebook for an Indian girl. She is adorned with the audacity to tell what one should know instead of what one wants to hear. Classes miss her more because she loves her bed more.


He is clad in a personality which is well knitted with the thread of sobriety. Although being blessed with an accent in which syllables are bit bent, he has proved himself as a good orator. He carries the capacity to chain the attention of the audience during a presentation and gain some real loud applaud.


When Marwari blood flows in his veins, when he built up himself as a scholar seeing many underprivileged children in his area, when he embraced the agricultural science, then how could he stop himself from imagining, trying & creating his own world of entrepreneurship. Nature feels happy for his green hero campaign, society feels gratified for his MindQ, we people feel proud for having him in our batch. One may get confused if this guy is seriously funny or funnily serious.


Her face shines with the beauty of courage, her voice speaks the volume of confidence, her behaviour reflects how composed she is. As a human, as an Indian everyone respects the Indian army. But as a daughter, as a sister, she knows the story of tears, sweats, hardness & happiness behind that respect. She is neither a wrestler nor a motivational speaker, but with her, being around her one can’t feel weak.


She is a fairytale heroine one can ever imagine dancing on the floor, with a face carrying all its components perfectly, skin glistening with the shade of flour, long hairs dipped in a charcoal hue & a figure fitted in an ideal shape. No no! this fairytale heroine doesn’t reside virtually in books or movies, but really among us sprinkling her friendliness upon us.


From dipping in the core of the character while playing a role to flying in the sky of emotions while weaving poetry, from dancing in the tune of music to flowing her voice in the stream of music she can spread her talent in whatever direction she desires. Eye-catching charm spreads from her face with the ripple of dimpling smile. A beauty ribboned with multicoloured talents she is.


Her beauty gets enhanced with sambalpuri suits & her brain has been rooted in the soil of Chiplima. She tops the exams, floats in sports & drowns others in her mellifluous songs. She dances amazingly & makes the audience still with her acting skill. She is too much thin, yet she is rounded with all the talents.


When silence takes a toll, the cassette of her melodious whistle is played on repeat to blow the horns inside the mind. Her Colgate teeth reflect her abundant grace & her eyes never retire of searching perfection in anything & everything. The tiara of maturity never falls from her head & she holds her neck always upright adorning it with a necklace of confidence. In the path of adm no. she crossed her darling a step forward, but her heart is always merged with that of her darling.


If I was given a chance to crown someone as the best girl of our batch, I would definitely go near her without second nomination. She is one of the loveliest girl & fairest soul one will ever meet in his/ her life. If one day Yami Gautam comes across her, then she will feel buried in guilty shame for advertising a product with a dumb name. Sometimes she swells her face so much & makes her voice so lethargic that one will think if she is bearing the labour pain of five babies at the instant. One will often get confused about what’s more beautiful! Her facial muscles metamorphosing into a smile or her smile turning into a grin.


What’s the need for another set of fingers to fill the gap of your fingers when a paw is always ready to be placed on your palm. She has gulped the core of this concept. But she fills the void of a nondomicile student in our batch. The instant when words start coming out of her mouth, one may get confused if her entry into Odisha has occurred just a few time ago. There is also a chance of confusion if she is the height of madness or depth of seriousness. Grace glues on her when her tresses of butt length cascade down freely & glamour hangs on her when her hairs get tightened in a bun.


She is the temple of undaunted beauty & graveyard of thoughts so nasty. She is the forest of fury & lake of understanding. She is the garden of dumbness & cave of mystery. She may look like a pretty girl with a tempered personality. But she is the personification of the place where only few people are allowed to go, fewer people dare to go & fewest people can stay after being blessed with her sanitised slap & dirty love time to time. And those fewest are the lucky ones because she loves them back, really.


The man in this boy is too mature to lift the responsibilities wholeheartedly & to keep them done successfully. Be it study tour, be it dramatic function he has carried the luggage of tension more than his own body size & has been awarded the faith of everyone in him because of his uncommon calibre in handling circumstances. The surrounding gets quiet when his firm speech echoes with bombastic words & the area rings with applauding when he acts. This boy has been diagnosed as pregnant due to lots of talents.


His specs may or may not have seen how the sky above his head turns new every second with changing shape of cotton candies & varying brightness of colour canvas. But we have seen how Mister Sky turns happy for having Miss New in his realm. He is a respiring skeleton with fossilized flesh. He is the vastness of mischief with patches of cordiality.


Rose-tinted goggles protect his eyes from the Sunrays. But you can’t protect yourself from the arrows of weird taunts coming from his mouth. Cladding himself in the same get-up he can play two characters topsy-turvy, one to grab reward from the audience for his drama team & another to gain boon from the Goddess for college. No chance to look down, no possibility to look straight, but everyone in our class needs to elevate his/her eyes while interacting with this mountain.


He invests his mind in MindQ & gains many claps in Green hero campaign. His development plant never stops growing because it holds the peduncle of a precious flower, the flower who is one of the best girls in world & swings as an apostrophe after the name of her man, Bikash. The air around gets heavy with emotion & appreciation when words fall from his tongue during a speech or spoken fest. In the female adorned venue of PBG elective, Vicky was a variant vista.


Behind the cracker of comedy, he skillfully curtains his sky of sentiments. Dense cloud of his humour often plays hide n seek with the sheen of his seriousness. He dances so energetically that one’s pupils get dilated for long, involuntarily to not miss a second of his performance. He is efficient enough to cultivate sapphire & gold in the field single-handedly along with his not so efficient plot partner.


Inside his head, there is a castle of confidence & also a store of sarcasm. One can easily locate the continents of singing, dancing, sketching & photography in the map of his talents. Visit his continents & you can’t stay mum without appreciating his skill in governing all these with passion, enthusiasm & balance. He is a glass of mischief filled up to the brim, but there is a dilution of caring & helping nature in that.


She is a sanskari girl. But before you go to her to learn some sanskar, get ready to be bombarded with questions like “Who says that sanskar is all about not starting a sentence with m** & not ending with f**”?,
“Where it is written that sanskar means covering a woman skin from head to toe beyond comfort?”, “When did sanskar get a definition of not doing adventure in youth age without informing parents”. Boys fall for her large eyes, long hairs & cute height. Little do they know that only few can handle this Leo girl who can cuss your ancestors & crush you in her high heels if her mood approves. In the pile of her boldness, softness is secretly buried somewhere. She never fails to gift bunches of laughter wrapping them with her indescribable sense of humour.


Her name declares that victory is her beauty & her bones speak how she has lost all her flesh. But if you look at her, you can see how her impeccable beauty is the clean victory over her inexpressible t-h-i-n-n-e-s-s. Her face is the floor for her unblemished smile and her soul is the roof for her unquestionable amiability.


This pretty girl was the last to place her feet injured in our classroom, but since then she stood undisplaced in the first position in sincerity to complete the tasks assigned. For staying fear-free it is advised to stay away from her on the day before the exam. One can find the entire written version of class lectures in her class copies with no omission of comma, full stop & filler. She is filled with helpfulness & care overflows from her. She has a cute height, but she is capable of climbing the peak of classical dance.


Sweetness of Misty Mousomi flows in friendliness like mishti doi, softens in kindness like roshogolla, solidifies in strictness like sondesh. Like a royal Bengal tigress, she has shown her excellence in reigning with undaunted courage while leading as the GR of the class, as the GS of the hostel, as the indoor secretary of the college. Her smile is the monsoon on the arrival of which beauty spreads in her entire face originating from her nose pin.


He’s Jyotiranjan Nayak of Chipliwood, the character in which you may meet many bits of Arjun Reddy of Tollywood & Kabir Singh of Bollywood. Sometimes he can grow a forest underneath his chin & sometimes he can become the brand ambassador of shaving cream. Sometimes his Balasoria voice turns violent to fight against wrong & sometimes it sets soft to butter someone for good. He can create fog in summer with the white cylinder in his mouth & cheers on beer is not an occasion for him to celebrate, but all the seasons that stay. In this flawed world, he may seem more flawed in certain aspects, but his love for kids & passion in photography is flawless.


If there is someone in our batch who can enjoy Telugu movies without any dubbing or subtitles, with complete understanding, then she is our Goddess of talent, Pratibha Devi. Sometimes rebellious nature enters her soul, then she can make anyone get silent with the sharp edges of her tongue, be it Pragya ma’am or Deepika ma’am. Sometimes consciousness leaves her body to make her faint, to make everyone around her get frightened. But most of the times, a smile hangs on her face to compliment her loveliness.


He is a self-proclaimed wise & fully confirmed fool. He fakes anger intentionally & considers it as his intuition. After losing his closest confidant for a lifetime, he searches for a home in temporary people & takes shelter near evil liquid. He shouts often out of violent strictness, but he beats out of silent affection. The best thing about him is that if he isn’t okay then he never pretends to be okay in front of his near ones. Gratitude is a massless, yet heavy trophy that family members give to the head of the family and he already possesses it for his 4 years of leading.


In small to tall things extra cautiousness pours from her personality; but her that quality flies away when she sinks in her phone sitting on the boundary of the rooftop. She not only sees the world through her cat-eye goggles but also the love for cats is sealed inside her heart. She can verbally slaughter one mentally, but beauty burgeons in her face with her smile.


Holding the lively expression on her face & twirling her body to the tune of music, she can create the circle of her fans who fall in love head over heels with the skills of her dance. Gathering the news of all over the world, she can lump them all in her brain to boost the treasure of her general knowledge. Maintaining a perfect photo figure, this golden girl is adorned with gorgeous grace.


He is a subtle solution of litres of humour & grams of composure. In today’s world when people are losing the capacity to choose happiness over sadness, this happy-go-lucky guy owns the ability to rupture one’s grief & twist it into a giggle through his action & talks. Being a passionate photographer, he sees big beauty in tiny things & being an all-time projector operator in class, he shows us little fonts in large size.


A strong heart is carefully cocooned inside her weak body. Her sudden fainting often tells how her body is burdened with weakness. Her spontaneous crying often tells how her heart is strong enough to liquefy the heavy lumps of agony. It’s not right to call her sensitive, but she is blush positive as well as anger positive. The full stop she puts in between her eyebrows is the nucleus of her prettiness which also warns that she is strictly unavailable to any boys other than the one who holds her heart.


The pace of his presentation is faster than the speed of his bike. He can play the role of a villain on the stage and can act as a hero in the playground. Maybe Kaushik Sir considers his class hollow without a volumetric talk with his dear Soumya.


He is a helping hand & friendly face who waters one’s respect towards him with his decency & it’s rare to see the season in his face getting dry without a smile. He radiates the rays of general knowledge, yet he clenches humbleness strongly. His fate is showered with gold in the form of a girl who reigns in his heart.


People say he is the coolest guy of our batch. But the flame of sporting spirit always makes him stand among the winning team. He is tagged as strong because of his metallic muscle. But he is too vulnerable to the fear of losing his gentleman code, the code that shines when he flexes his arms & steps back to side when girls pass by him.


Our Suman is the flower who not only appeals everyone around her with the brightness of her physical appearance but also with the enchanting fragrance of her soul, with the pleasing softness of her behaviour. She is so acquainted with inhaling the Sambalpuri air since long that she feels suffocated while exhaling normal Odia language. Your eyes may get loaded with the fruit of frustration while reading her handwriting, but seeds of satiety will germinate in your eyes after seeing her hand made sketchings.


Pull out her extra pair of eyes artificial & push her into a room full of mirrors clear, she can’t see how beauty is exquisitely carved in her. She acts so lively & energy breathes in her thin body when she dances. Emotions are prone to come out of her head; sometimes they fly as laughter in her face for long & sometimes they flow like a river from her eyes. Often her vocal cords vibrate vigorously with how & why; still rarely they rest with the idea of ‘let it go’. It’s worth watching how her tiny face swells when anger shrinks her heart.


Ancestry of OUAT flows in his veins. He can widen one’s eyes with his dance. He can satisfy one’s tastebuds with his cooking savvy. He can make one feel things with his writings. In spite of clinging various talents, he throws himself in the life-threatening fume of euphoric weed & pool of coloured liquid. Waiting always for someone to caress his heart, he crushes his complete health out of foolish excuse. He can’t feel grateful for the life he has because he feeds his mind with the misinterpretation that he is dying daily.


His deep friendship with Jyoti & his nonadoption of vices is the clear demonstration of the fact that one’s mixing nature & own individuality can be kept parallel without intersecting. His receiving & reciprocating gesture neither start nor end without a smile on his face.


Her talent tree is loaded with variegated leaves of debating expertise to acting artistry, culinary skill to leadership ability. There is hardly any person in the college campus be s/he senior, junior, lecturer or worker who hasn’t ever listened the name of this prominent personality, Pallavi. But for us she is Pollu, not the pest of pepper; but an additive of affability to this sweet family. Smile always roams in her face to augment her cuteness.

🍀Dipti aunty

She isn’t like the typical Indian aunty in the community who will poke her nose into your matter. Instead, our aunty asks things directly to clear her doubt & distribute her care as a mother does to her kids. Elegance sparkles from her face when she drapes herself in a saree & vermilion flows between her mid parted hairs.

🍀Bhamanjari aunty

She competes with us as a curious student because of the adm no. she is being enrolled with. She advises us as a benevolent elder because of the suffix we address her with. She is a fortunate wife for having a husband who gifts her innumerable caring instructions while biding her goodbye for a journey, who calls her time to time to know if she is ok in the new place, who cherishes her success more than herself when she gets an award.

©ruchiabhisikta12🍀Blessed for being a part of this great family👸

4 thoughts on “C/16 Connection

  1. This is pure nostalgia. Those 4 years were full of life due to people like you. You all are awesome.
    Hats off to you Abhisikta for your precious adjectives and the valuable time you spent writing these beautiful lines for us.

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