Wagah Border

When women of all age, caste, creed, culture danced to the tune of patriotic songs,
I got the real essence of two words-
“Independence” and “Equality”

When salutes and handshakes between BSF jawans and Pakistan Rangers were accompanied with showing off the dramatized muscular gestures
Two words confused me
“Cooperation” or “Competition”

When symmetrical lowering of flags of both nations was followed by shutting the gate
Two words tried to block my mind
” Harmony” or “Rivalry”

Those few hours at Wagah border made me reminisce the turbulent history,
analyse the contemporary relation
and anticipate the future situation of two sisters- Indian & Pakistan

My petty words can’t describe that mixed feeling of dignity, delight and terror when my body was present just a few yards away from a foreign land and my mind was filled with love for my motherland.

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