Excreta of trust

What remains when trust vanishes

1. The garbage of memories. Memories of past moments which were once so useful to you that you craved those like a maniac. Now those memories stink so much to suffocate you with grief. You try hard to dispose them. But they remain.

2. The trophy of guilt. The trophy which is awarded to you for your true fidelity towards fake persons. Your calendar has changed its attire and you don’t deserve that trophy anymore. But that remains.

3. The high power magnifying glass. The magnifying glass which you used to keep only as a luxury without using it. Now it has become your daily need to observe the deepest layer of people before letting them enter your arena. Sometimes you wish to drop it & turn it into shards. But that remains.

4. The bouquet sarcastic smile. The smile that hangs from the corner of your lips when you read the face of people like a billboard, the billboard that announces “Don’t trust me.” You don’t want to wear that smile as you hate sarcasm. But that remains.

5. The crackers of tears. The crackers which you dry under the sun each day & those compete with stars in the night. You wonder how everyone misunderstands that explosion always makes noise. You wish to burn & bury all of them at once. But they remain.

6. The shrub of scepticism. The shrub that branches each day a little more. The people who care for you(maybe) put effort to uproot that shrub from the soil of your heart. But that remains.

7. The abyss of emptiness. The abyss you strive sincerely to fill with fragmented faith and close it forever. But that remains.

8 thoughts on “Excreta of trust

  1. I am all that has been up to this moment, no matter what I may want to become, I can only be the total and then some. The sum is not greater than the parts, but it’s definitely different than the parts. Great post, I love the transparency.

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