Their love lesson

I consider myself so lucky
to have parents who share
such an amazing chemistry
of love, respect and care

Their bond fits into physics
and never requires an elegy
as it will never end following
laws of conservation of energy

Zoology says Sibu & me are
the result of sperm-ovum pair
transforming into zygotes
by their biological warfare

Botany defines evergreen as the plant
whose foliage remains green throughout the year
I have never seen their love undergoing autumn
As the never-wilting connection is the thing they always cheer

Mathematics calculates that their life
goes on in an arithmetic progression
But the understanding between them
runs each day in a geometric progression

If their marriage is a literature
then their love is the grammar
which braids the story of divinity,
essay of loyalty & poetry of forever

Mami loves learning & teaching geography a lot
But for her, maps are only meant to be interpreted
Baba has never taken her for a tour beyond Odisha
But for it neither her heart has cracked nor their bond has exploded

History sings the eulogy of Tajmahal
as the devotion of Shahjahan for Mumtaj
But each corner of our home carves
baba’s devotion & mami’s dedication footage

Movies, serials, books & songs show us the romanticism
which teaches the theory of wedding
But their relation shows the respectfulness & acceptance
which demonstrates the practicality of a wedding.

7 thoughts on “Their love lesson

  1. This is so beautiful! You have such lovely parents and this might be the best way to express your love for them. Sending you and your family lots of wishes ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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