A man’s happiness

Being a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a man has to carry his manhood not just in his beards and muscles, but deep inside his mind. The manhood that looks too light, yet feels too heavy as that piece of paper holding his resume for the job interview. His face becomes the poster with his work profile printed on it, otherwise it’s completely blank. Blank it looks, but it holds the weight of tears that has frozen into depression and restricted to be liquefied anymore. The fatigue in his face, the exhaustion in his mind and the ache in his body are the bucks with which he brings groceries to home and pays rent for turning a house into a home. His day night hard work isn’t a turmoil to toil, but the daily festival in which he gifts satisfaction to his ageing parents, smile to his spouse and pride to his kid and happiness to himself. The strength he gathers to drag himself from the bed early in the morning and to throw himself in the bed late at night is nothing, but the accumulation of his hidden fears that why his mother won’t regret bringing him to this earth, why his darling will leave the precious marks of her love in his forehead, why his son will introduce himself by his father’s name. The fear which the mocking society fires at him each time his wallet doesn’t thicken with money. With fading childhood and growing manhood a man runs in the road of struggle carrying the luggage of others’ expectations and not allowed to step back.


Muse – Chris Gardner(The pursuit of happiness)

13 thoughts on “A man’s happiness

  1. Guten Tag.

    Die Unterdrückung, der Mord an Frauen und Kindern, die Würde der Frau, die der Mann missachtet, mit Füssen treritt, das gehört in die alltägliche der Wirklichkeit der globalen Welt.

    Herzliche Grüße
    Hans Gamma


    अच्छा दिन।

    दमन, महिलाओं और बच्चों की हत्या, महिलाओं की गरिमा पर तंज कसता है कि आदमी अवहेलना करता है, जो वैश्विक दुनिया की रोजमर्रा की वास्तविकता से संबंधित है।

    जीन गामा

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  2. Nicest Thing About
    Retiring No Longer
    Carrying A Wallet
    Not Evening
    My Name
    It All To Dance



    No Longer

    Bowing To







    Of Love Free

    What is Man

    And Or





    Inside in Deed…❄️🌲

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