A wish

“Didi le lo na”(Didi take it please)

was not their four worded pleading

that faded away from my mind

with the breeze of Rishikesh.

That was the realisation

that reverberates in the four chambers of my heart till today,

The realisation about

what my fortune has gifted me

what I could have been with this gifted fortune

what I can and what I should gift to the society with this fortune,

the fortune which is still a dream for million girls like these two girls

The girls with no childhood

the girls who were introduced to livelihood before living their childhood

the girls who are going to be trapped in womanhood before discovering their girlhood

the girls who will be fired into motherhood before reaching their womanhood

The girls who didn’t sell me mere flowers,

but gifted me happiness for free

and I bought their million-dollar smile

at the cost of thirty bucks only

The girls who wished for my better life

while lighting the dia and paddling the flowers in water,

and lighted my heart with gratitude and

paddled my conscience with the interrogation that “How can our wishes be fulfilled when they are empty?”,

empty with stuffed complaints, selfishness and thanklessness.

And each time I meet these two girls in the memory line,

I wish one day they can have the choice to wish too, for themselves.


I had photographed them two years back exactly. But till today I open this image when I want to feel happy and sad at the same time…

17 thoughts on “A wish

  1. This is a very beautiful, sad and powerful post depicting the reality of a particular section of our society. BTW, you captured a beautiful picture. Their smiles bring out an involuntary smile in me.
    Looks like you are at Triveni Ghat.

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  2. Den Mädchen und Frauen
    geben die Männer ihnen
    nicht diesselbe Würde
    obwohl die Frau
    die Spenderin des Lebens
    uns allen Menschen ist

    als Mann muss ich mich
    tief vor den Frauen verneigen

    vor Kindern und ihren Müttern
    sie sind das wirkliche Licht
    unserer Welt

    nicht die Götter
    aus der Geburt
    der spirituellen
    den Männern
    ihrer Herrschsucht
    in Politik und Gesellschaft
    in ihrer Gedankenwelt

    über dem gamze Globus
    dem Leben
    und allen Kreaturen

    Ich wünsche Ihnen
    ein wunderbares gesegnetes
    Neues Jahr

    Hans Gamma

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      1. The girls and women
        give the men to them
        not the same dignity
        although the woman
        the giver of life
        all of us people

        as a man I have to
        bow low to the women

        in front of children and their mothers
        they are the real light
        our world

        not the gods
        from birth
        the spiritual
        the men
        their lust for domination
        in politics and society
        in her mind

        over the whole globe
        and all creatures

        Wishing you
        a wonderful blessed one
        New Year

        Hans Gamma


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