Ways to forgive yourself

1. Look at the mirror in a dark room with frail light peeping in. Mirror will look abnormally clear, like never before. You will feel your existence from the inner self, not in the way world visualises you.

2. Your head is a wise woman and your heart is a little child. It’s unnecessary to advise a wise woman. It’s a sin to suffocate a little child with regrets and guilt. Neither do anything unnecessary nor commit a sin.

3. Fix your blank gaze on the age marks of your parents’ faces. Your blankness will be filled with realisations you need to realise right now.

4. Stop trying to build the kingdom of your perfections because you will always have to act sophisticated inside a kingdom. Step into the home of your flaws. The people who feel like home will always visit you here.

5. Dump the garbage of all the ‘could have beens’ somewhere deep inside, somewhere too distant such that its odour cannot reach your present anymore.

6. Turn your ears into earplugs for mocking mouths. Sing the song of praise by own that you desire to listen in the voice of others.

7. Recite the hymn of sorry in front of yourself for the sake of your lost dignity and sanity. Recite it for the umpteenth time until the phrase “Never Again” gets printed in your forehead.

8. Analyse and measure your mistake in the scale of hundred. You will find it much below than you think. Balance your self-guilt with that, never more than that. And don’t let the self-blame come into the equation.


8 thoughts on “Ways to forgive yourself

  1. Guten Tag.

    Ich betrachte mich
    im Spiegel der Seele
    der Innenwelt
    der Aussenwelt

    ich sitze nicht auf dem
    Lotus eines inneren Selbst

    mein Kopf meint sich
    seinem Denken einen Zauber
    mein Herz ist so alt wie ich
    es kennt meine
    Sünden ganz genau

    meine Eltern erwachen
    in meinen Träumen
    mit ihrer Wut
    mit ihren Vorwürden
    aus dem Reich der Toten

    meine Fehler von
    denen ich mir weiss
    will ich selber ertragen

    die Vollkommenheit
    lasse ich den gekrönten Häupter
    den Despoten
    den Mächtigen
    den Wissenenden
    den Spirituellen

    all das Verdorbene
    von dem mich die Seele mahnt
    nehme ich schmerzhaft entgegen

    ich höre nach innen
    nach aussen den Spott über mich
    ohne Widerrede
    das Loblied über irgendwas überlasse ich
    den Auserwählten
    den von Reinheit gesegneten

    mich schmerzt jede Grenzüberschreitung
    in meinem Leben
    die Würde als Mensch
    ist mir auch so gegeben

    meine Fehler überschreiten
    jeden Messwert auf einer Skala
    als Mahnung
    der tägliche Versuch zum besseren

    Herzliche Grüße
    Hans Gamma


    Good day.

    I look at myself
    in the mirror of the soul
    the inner world
    the outside world

    I’m not sitting on that
    Lotus of an inner self

    my head means itself
    a charm to his thinking
    my heart is as old as me
    it knows mine
    Sins exactly

    my parents wake up
    in my dreams
    with their anger
    with their accusations
    from the realm of the dead

    my mistakes of
    that I know
    I want to endure myself

    the perfection
    I leave the crowned head
    the despot
    the mighty
    the knowledgeable
    the spiritual

    all that corrupt
    of which my soul admonishes me
    I take it painfully

    I listen inward
    outwardly the mockery of me
    without arguing
    I leave the song of praise to something
    the chosen one
    those blessed by purity

    every border crossing hurts me
    in my life
    human dignity
    is also given to me

    exceed my mistakes
    each reading on a scale
    as a reminder
    the daily attempt for the better

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma


  2. Excellent use of psychic and psychological metaphors. These are the types of exercises that bypass our subconscious limiting beliefs and allow us to see through what negatively filters our evolving.


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