Cacophony of COVID-19

It’s April. It’s Spring. But throughout this month, you are feeling exhausted like summer, hibernated like winter, withered like autumn. This year spring hasn’t yet bloomed in you. Is it false!
Nature has already proved corona as a pandemic. Still sometimes, somewhere deep inside your heart you are thinking this phase of peril as an endemic, so severe, yet so confined. Isn’t it the truth!
At this moment, I’m also doubtful about life just like you. Still, let me tell you this with the hope that you’ll understand.

Now when you feel sad by cancelling your get-togethers, gang gossips, festivals and foreign trips,
Think about that family & friends who are losing the last chance to have the last glimpse of their dearest one by fearing to lose their lives in the hand of same life-burglar, COVID-19.

Now when you feel sad by looking at your covered vehicle from the window of your apartment because it hasn’t travelled miles since long days,
Think about that rickshaw puller whose all-time open house isn’t welcoming guests anymore & his all-time moving feet have turned immobile during these days.

Sitting cosily on a couch during your online classes, now when you feel sad by missing your class benches,
Think about that student for whom having an electronic gadget is a daydream & now mid-day meal of school has also become his/her dream.

Staring at the laptop during your work from home, now when you feel sad by realizing that office is more than job & job is more than salary,
Think about that maid whom you have denied to come to your home now & she has no work to do at her own home other than cursing her fate for getting less ration from Govt. distribution & lesser satisfaction than her hard-earned money.

Now when you feel sad for staying inside the home day to night, for sharing 24×7 hours with the same people, for being imposed with this long unwanted vacation,
Think about those who are also in vacation, but aren’t allowed to move to their home, Think about that person who is too tired of talking to mirror, too tired of taking care of own because s/he have none who feels like home.

Now when you feel sad for isolating yourself in a separate room even after returning to your homeland after long, still not having the company of your family & friends,
Think about that healthcare worker who is too addicted to the heartfelt hug of his/her little daughter/son, to the hand-feeding of his/her mother, to the gentle pat of his/her father, to the goodnight kiss of his/her sweetheart, but now he is bound to abandon those soothing addictions.

You will feel how some people, somewhere in the globe are bearing bigger, heavier & more sadness than that of yours.


You feel sad for that tiny plant on your college entrance which must have wilted without watering with its flowers unplucked.
But look! how the plant on your terrace is smiling now without shrivelling with your timely watering.

You feel sad for those stray animals whose stomachs are destined to be shaped according to the leftover food of restaurants and feasts.
But look! how the eyes of those pets are beaming with cheerfulness after getting extra attention which have long lost their lustre lacking a bit of affection from their busy owners.

You feel sad for those alone elderly couples for whom it’s getting too hard to manage household chores without the help of servants, who are feeling weaker each day, yet fearing to go to the hospital.
But look! how the young generation lovers are realizing that love is beyond that so-called ‘long-distance’ & more than the trending ‘physical closeness’.

You feel sad for not making the party plan with your friends into work, for not sharing more moments together.
But look! how the space between you and your family members is now getting squeezed when you have a deep conversation with them after the dinner & in between that when jokes flutter.

You feel sad for not appreciating your favourite street food vendors openheartedly, for not giving extra twenty bucks to the zomato delivery boy.
But look! how your mother is now busy in cooking delicious recipes to serve happiness to you & how a sweet smile gets baked on her face with your compliments.

You feel sad remembering the park who has lost all its fitness freaks, the playground who has forgotten the footsteps of those energetic players.
But look! how the wall near the betel shop isn’t getting freshly painted with spit & the air around it isn’t smelling smoky,
Look! how the people who used to find it impossible to survive without alcohol & drugs are learning to live without those, with the fear of becoming a culprit in front of their beloved families.

You feel sad thinking how the world has come to a halt, how the global economy is crashing down day by day.
But look! how humanity is rising with the realisation that lives mean much more than materials.
Look! how the environment is recovering from the pain of pollution.

Now when hopelessness is engulfing you, search for hope. Hope is staring at you from the place, which you never knew existed.


//I dedicate the hearts and stars on this write-up to those hearts who have stopped beating after fighting with corona & to those star humans who are working too hard to make the civilisation win over this calamity.//

19 thoughts on “Cacophony of COVID-19

  1. The pandemic has changed life as we know it…of course the cloud will depart someday…but so will a lot of people who once touched our lives….or maybe jobs, lifestyles and other aspects of life.
    All we can do is stay safe, give our best shot and hope for the best!
    Do drop by mine.

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