That eternal love

You fall in love. People say.
Fall! Seriously!
Does it mean gravity pulling you from the 10th floor of a building or your jump to the mid-ocean from ship unaware of swimming?
At least don’t say it to a girl like me who has a history of being discovered under the bed while asleep.
But I must say that each inch rise of my life is because of love. Love walks with my hand in hand in the thorny path of life, but never let me fall.

Love is blind. They claim.
How can I accept it? Tell me.
I have experienced that kind of love which has x-ray vision.
It detects my bruises, scars, flaws, tears that millions of eyes in the world can’t see.
It even shows me those so that I can be the better version of myself.

Love is a cage. Many argue.
But I never consider love as a cage, but it is a nest.
A nest which has built the today’s me, develops the courage within me. But it is the only thing I seek when I get tired of the whole world.

Two words pop in mind of many when I just said it.
Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Right!
But these two words never make any sense to me in relation to love. At least not till now. This is not my arrogance, but it is my devotion. Because I worship love.I am a devotee of love.
Love of both of yours, Baba & Mami
Anyone except you both has seen a part of me. But you both have seen each part of me, the whole of your Ruchi.
Still, you love me the way none does.
I can never love you the way you both love me.
But I must say that I love you the best possible way I can ever love anyone.
I loved you each passing moment and I will love you each coming minute.
Now wetness of my conjunctiva is trying to invade my phone screen.
Let me stop here.

Picture copyright : We❤

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