Thank you poetry!

Heart throbbing feelings
Suppressed emotions
If come out through lips
May put all the blame
Throw awful shame
On your name
Which will ultimately raise the flame
Of self-blame

But now inside the heart
They can’t remain as tame
Time has already arrived
At any cost to release them

No need to be worried
No need to be confused
Just unlock your heart
Bless them with liberty

Who knows!
To the world
They may appear as gems
They may achieve immortal fame
They may enlighten your name

Then you will exclaim and your success will make people exclaim
As the progenies of your heart, your thoughts, your emotions, your creativity
although same as before
are not lame as before

Now they have wings to fly in the sky of glee
They have voice to reveal the life’s mystery
Now they have united in verses
They have transformed into a poetry

20 thoughts on “Thank you poetry!

  1. what I’m ashamed of
    not to know
    what the left hand wants
    and it at once
    put into evil deed

    my soul rebukes me
    in all of my memories
    since my time

    I don’t need a savior
    who mine my sins
    of my worries
    No need to worry or confuse it

    i am not the master of my house

    I leave the gems to them
    who achieve their immortal fame

    I’m standing on my feet
    as long as I can
    not on the feet of others

    heaven should be his joy
    and those stain the wings
    undress all secrets
    to have the best of things

    I’m not a poet
    I have other people
    to teach nothing


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