The speaking solitude

The sun also giggles

The clouds also cry

The wind also murmurs

The leaves also chatter

The ocean also loves

The mountains also salute

The moon also flirts

The stars also forgive

They are the speaking solitude of nature

Who can express much more

Without any oral communication

Simply by their graceful gesture


15 thoughts on “The speaking solitude

  1. Good day. ruchiabhisikta

    Thank you for your poem.

    My answer:

    The grace of the soul
    in your eyes
    the light
    the Stars

    my heart
    the word
    Of your lips

    forgive me
    my stupidity
    I pray humbly
    that knock
    at your door

    when i see your smile
    on my skin
    can feel
    I go as a beggar
    confidently again
    my ways

    the great mother
    works in your form

    the one soul
    I want in humility
    obey and follow
    as if you had
    to me

    in me words
    like fragrant flowers
    with your perfume
    made me drunk

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma


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