Tale of a domesticated wild

Disclaimer: This post is neither a work of fiction nor contains an iota of imagination. It is entirely real & purely personal. The lead character around which this tale revolves is my biological brother.

Let’s listen this long lockdown tale in the form of some terribly tiny tales…

🐒 His only delight during this time of despair is now his skin is free from the reign of his all-time enemy, full pants.

🐒 Curls on this head are increasing their radius and thorns under his chin are turning into shrubbery. Hard earned & sun gifted colour of his skin is fading away. But this period of frequent hand washing & avoidance of touching sensory organs is unable to reduce the love between his teeth & nails.

🐒 Be it a double bed, be it a 3 seated sofa, he finds no space to place his body other than the space 1 inch away from me. Because he can’t breathe peace without suffocating me with the smell of his body which gets the touch of soap once in a full moon.

🐒 I don’t try the recipe which doesn’t use a lavish amount of sugar or a decent amount of oil. During the meantime, he enters the kitchen to count the calories & fry my head with untimely & unnecessary realisations.

🐒 His running, cycling, playing are now in a halt. But his workout from home still goes on, be it at 10 am or at 10 pm. After that, he stands in front of me caressing his compressed belly & pressurizing at his not-so-bulged biceps. He waits for a comment from me so that he can give some free advice or initiate a baseless argument.

🐒 The days when some nonveg enters our stomach, he makes sure to vent out some harsh words from his mouth to fill our heart with utter disappointment.

🐒 To fuel my anger, he carries on his daily duties of pulling my tresses, tingling irritatingly & rubbing his unwashed hand on my dress, until I shout, until Mami enters the warfield. A wide grin comes out of his face when she doesn’t declare him as the culprit, but scold both of us saying” How much good siblings are there in every home. But my bad luck. Palmist wasn’t wrong in predicting that this bro-sis would always fight.”

🐒 During this time of prevailing untouchability, zomato swiggy & uber eats are neither uninstalled nor unused in his phone. He still opens these apps to check which restaurants are open & finally convinces himself to wait till the end of lockdown.

🐒 Each time Baba returns from officework or marketing, he bombards him with entirely unjustified sarcasm to make him accept that his son is doing a great favour on him by staying at home.

🐒 He completes his studies during my sleeping hours. After I wake up, he dedicates his time in bothering me in every possible way & it starts with a pinch “Ruchina uthigalana!”

🐒 When all my books in the hostel room blow horns inside my mind, he merrily dances to the tune of my helplessness.

🐒 When bad is my mood or that of his, he comes near me either to play an ear bursting music in his phone or to sing a third-grade song in his not at all good voice. His mood gets better by worsening my mood.

🐒 Bumping his toe, displacing things he quickly walks out of his room to say ” Bhubaneswar pura chharkhar heigala be” ( Bhubaneswar got completely destroyed) when new patients get detected here. After some hours, he starts his as usual hollow opinion for increasing immunity & against lockdown.

Today when I asked him how he feels during this lockdown, he answered-” Gote di inchia kila upare basila valia laguchi“( It feels like sitting on a 2-inch pin)
Now let me stop this tale here & ask him if he needs any bandage.

(P.S- He is completely different from me. So don’t misinterpret me as wild😜)

I had written this piece on 27.04.2020. Today I am reading it because I am missing you so much. I hate you monkey so much. But you are one of the top reasons for whom I have been surviving till now🥺


5 thoughts on “Tale of a domesticated wild

  1. “Tale of A Domesticated Wild”
    Hehe, Dear ruchiabhisikta
    This Sweet Tale of
    Your Opposite
    And You Sounds
    All too Much Like
    A Similar Lock-Down
    Covid-19 Early Tale
    of my Wife and me for

    True This Kind of Brother
    And Sister Relationship
    Is Usually What Happens
    to A Marriage too When it Exceeds
    32 Years Like mine When the Blood

    Finally Becomes
    The Same hehe…

    And There is Already
    the Given of No Escape
    And So Much Appreciation For Part of

    The Support to LiVE iN A Life Otherwise
    So Shallow, Vapid, Empty, And So Very Cold…

    Hehe, my Sister is Opposite From me too and She
    Lives Next-door to the Hair of the Bear and Bare of

    me too, hehe…

    Yet Yes, Life is
    Like This As Wild
    Animals Often Have
    The Most Empathy
    And Compassion as
    They Are Naked, Enough,
    Whole, Complete With Nothing
    Left to Prove Yet Surviving Loving on Now Free..:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your read, dear friend! It was really nice the way you mentioned about the two women of your life, your sister & your sweet black haired wifey. And yes, I do agree with the last part of your comment. Indeed somewhere inside our hearts we all have hidden wildness which is not harmful but something which gives us vivacity.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ‘Play’ Dear ruchiabhisikta
        The Four Letter Word That
        Wild Animals Use For
        Their Own Personal
        Healing Fountain
        Of Youth We’ve
        Had House Guests
        Of Domesticated And
        Once Feral Cats True The
        Difference is The Feral Cat’s

        Vivacity For Life
        In Wild Play To
        Still Touch The

        Call Of The Wild Free
        SMiles Free Dance And
        Song of Poetry Are my

        With Play Pals
        Like You Dear

        Dear Human
        Being With The
        Same Color Of Loving


        The Warmth
        Of A Mother’s
        Touch Of Faith That’s

        Real Our Mammal Inheritance
        And Kitten
        🐱 too☺️🙏🏝


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