Composing Complexity

Moments are captured continuously in the camera lens instead of living them fully,

Wearing a plastic smile with caption full of smiley instead of laughing wholeheartedly from within,

Selfies with hundreds of friends instead of loving any one of them selflessly,

Filtering the photos instead of enhancing the inner beauty with virtues,

Chatting with many people instead of giving some quality time to family,

Making new friends each day instead of being in contact with old buddies,

On special days flooding the timeline with pompous status instead of doing some special for lifelines,

Updating each and everything of life on social media instead of sharing secrets with a best friend,

Measuring own personality index by likes and compliments on photos instead of realisation of self-value by listening to the inner voice of the soul,

Peeping into the world of others instead of visiting the world of those who are truly yours,

The people inhabiting in the shade of all these are adored as socially active in the 21st century.

But actually are they weaving a scarf of relationship which may protect their life through thick and thin!
Or they are just tying unnecessary knots in the thread of life which may turn the straight thread of life into completely messy!