Maa Upulei

My village deity🙏

Maa Upulei,
Before being aware of the glory of the Almighty, I had seen you and trusted you. If today I believe in superpowers, then this is because of the sanctity which you had sprinkled over that innocent heart who never knew how the world actually looked like. Change is an inherent property of time. Following that, you turned your oval face into a round one and made me turn into a big girl from a tiny tot. But in all these years, what had not changed at all is my firm faith in you. Till today, you feel like home to whom my thoughts return after being bruised and battered, after being triumphant and thriving. In childhood my heart accepted you as home because I used to think that some deities appear as guests in festivals, to some I visit on holidays and some reside so distant that only their photos are within my reach, but you were the one who always remained close without leaving. I still remember the days when before going to school, praying to you in front of the temple was a spontaneous routine and visiting your temple in the evening was a not-to-miss event. Not leaving a single flower unplucked in the plant just to elongate the garland for you a bit more was another level of satisfaction. Ringing your bell by jumping again and again was also a domain of happiness. Waiting for the mahastami feast throughout the year was a test of patience. Good marks were the best proof that you listened to my prayer “Bhala patha, bhala bidya, bhala budhhi dia”. With time, the distance came between my wish to see you and your appearance, but not between my devotion and your blessings.Telling bou to light a dia infront of you in my exam days was a customary ritual and you never let my faith in you extinguish. Then life threw many instances when my faith was put to test. From asking you those mugged-up wishes to standing in front of you blankly, life evolved and is still evolving. Sometimes it feels like you don’t listen to me anymore. It feels like you don’t consider me as your own child anymore. It feels like you are ignoring me as if I have done anything wrong. But everyday when I see you in my favourite gallery before sleeping and after waking up, it feels like you know everything about me, you are there with me always, and you won’t abandon me at any cost. I have not yet become able enough to gift you costly things like your other children do. But don’t you acknowledge my love, my devotion and my faith in you when I keep a flower for you, when I treasure you in my password, when I open your photo, when I take your name daily? If you do, then why don’t you reciprocate like before? Maa, you always give me confidence & courage with your vermilion and hope reaches my heart each time I see you, think of you and pray before you. I need your blessings everytime, maa. Can’t you give your child this much?

A kid who seeks your presence by her side always