Aaj din chadheya

You are afraid of confessing your love to your special someone directly. And you also don’t want to tell indirectly through others. Your feelings are trapped inside your heart. Your throat gets choked with unsaid words. You feel helpless. You feel hopeless. You feel restless. You don’t find a way out to channelize those emotions that flood your heart, brain, soul, in fact your entire being. That is the moment when you remember & pray to the only one who has been your hope in the darkest of days, who has been helping you in the toughest of situations, in whom you have been seeking peace since time unknown – God. You pour your heart out infront of Him. “Aaj din chadheya” is that pouring, completely pure without an iota of adulteration.

//Aaj din chadheya Tere rang warga
Phul sa hai khila aaj din
Rabba mere din yeh na dhale
Woh jo mujhe khawab mein mile
Use tu lagade abb gale

Tenu dil da vasta
Rabba aaya dar digar ke
Sara jahan chhod chhad ke
Mere sapne sawar de Tennu dil da vasta //

When you love someone truly, your heart becomes a sacred place from where you start seeing beauty in small simple things. You start appreciating the creations of God a lot more than before. Now each morning brings color of hope for you. Your days bloom like flowers worshipping the glory of God. Your days become the amalgamation of moments, moments filled with the thought of your special someone. With love, automatically comes longing. Longing to be with your lover for a lifetime. You start dreaming of a life with him. You meet him in your thoughts. You talk to him inside your head. Spending hours imagining moments with him becomes your guilty pleasure. But you become unable to free the progenies of your heart. You surrender infront of the Almighty. Leaving the world behind, you come and knock on His door with the hope that he will manifest your dream into reality.

//Baksha gunaho ko Sun ke duaaon ko
Rabba pyaar hai
Tune sab ko hi de diya
Meri v aahon ko Sun le duaaon ko
Mujhko woh dila maine jisko hai dil diya//

How can a complaint sound so cute! You complain to God for doing justice to everyone except you. You see people committing thousand wrong deeds, still being blessed with the love of their lives. You wonder what’s sin of you. You have waited so long for someone. You have dedicated each inch of your heart to that someone. Still, God is not granting you what your heart desires. You question if love is for everyone, then why you are falling apart. You ask for justice. You plead. You plead to God to listen to your sigh, your prayer which reverberates in the name of that someone.

//Manga jo mera hai
Jata kya tera hai
Maine koun si
Tujhse jannat manga li
Kaisa khuda hai tu
Bas naam ka hai tu
Rabba jo teri itni si bhi na chali//

You will lie if you say that you don’t smile while listening to this stanza. You will lie if you say that you don’t feel a different kinda sensation while singing these lines. Love makes a person an innocent rebel. And this stanza reflects this statement the best. As we grow up, we tend to weigh our questions before asking them, we check the validity of our complaints before putting them infront of others. But can you do this infront of the Lord! You can bare your heart infront of Him without fear of getting judged. Because he listens to you even when you don’t say anything. So you don’t need to fake what you feel inside. The whole world is ruled by the supreme power of God. But now your innocence doesn’t stop you from blaming Him for not giving you your tiny share of happiness. The rebellious child inside you questions Him why He is reluctant to bless you with the person who is actually yours. You just want to unite with the person you love wholeheartedly. Is it too much to ask for! Is it too difficult to be bestowed by the supremo of the universe! You wonder.

//Chahiye jo mujhe
Kar de tu mujhko ata
Jeeti rahi saltanat teri
Jeeti rahe aashiqui meri
Dede mujhe zindagi meri
Tenu dil da vasta//

Do you pray to God before appearing an exam? Do you wish to be rewarded with good grades for your effort? Do you promise to God to offer Him garland, coconut or lightened diya if your wishes get fulfilled? At some point of life, every believer does this. And this is not bribe(laughs). This is all about faith, hope and gratitude. With each of our fulfilled wishes, our belief in God becomes stronger. With time, you become an adult from a kid. And when your heart finds home in someone, when it begins beating for someone, when you feel like you are totally into someone, all you wish for is your love to be reciprocated. Because you feel fortunate when the person you love, loves you back equally. Once you fall in love, you zoom the presence of your lover in your life and blur others. Eventually, you consider him as your lifeline and your life becomes synonymous with his companionship. His happiness, his sadness, his achievements, and his failures become yours also. You pray to God to bless you an eternity with that special person. And somewhere inside your heart, you know that God will answer your prayer oneday.

This song has the divinity to evacuate all the complaints from your heavy heart making it light and sparks a sense of belief in love, life & Lord. Each time you will listen to it, you can feel the purity of its lyrics a little more.
Hats off to everyone who has contributed to make this song soulful to a height immeasurable…

O sayyoni

The most beautiful part of love is trying to unwrap every layer of each other’s personality and accepting each other completely. The excitement that flutters inside the heart to discover the shades of your special person is something that makes you impatient. Knowing and understanding someone inside out is the point where love burgeons and it has no endpoint. The more time you spend with a person, the better you know him/her. You crave that more time, yet your curiosity compels you to seek an instant answer. “O sayyoni” describes the concealed beauty of asking questions of your heart and seeking answers from the mouth of your beloved, the answer you already knew a bit and wish to find it entirely on your own.

Puchh rahi hai meri justazoo
Kya hai tu
O sayyoni o mitwa
O sohneya o mitwa
O sayyoni o mitwa

How do you feel when someone says “Hi beautiful” or “Hi handsome”! I think you blow that in the wind of laughter. But tell me… Don’t you blush & smile unknowingly when your special someone addresses you like that? You do. It happens because compliments from others may sound cliche to you, but the same words from your beloved reverberate in your mind for the umpteenth time. Soulmate, sweetheart, darling, lifepartner are the words you find too fancy until a person makes you feel like these with his/her simple act of love, respect & care. Words from the mouth of your beloved go straight to your heart.

Tu hai jaise koi paheli
Jo na suljha paaye dil
Aaj hoke mujhse rubaru
Bata bata bata kya hai tu

Every person in this world is a paradox. And you are not an exception. Your set of behaviour is also a puzzle. But not all will see it and the majority of those who see it won’t try to solve it. Because you don’t show all of your being infront of everyone. You fear of being judged. You fear of being misunderstood. And one day a person comes in your life who puts all the effort to explore each nook & corner of your heart. You may look sorted from outside to everyone. But that person will notice how messed up you are from inside. That person will want to walk miles holding your hand, to gaze at stars sitting by your side, to stand with you in all highs & lows so that s/he can gather each bit of you & accept the whole you. S/he has all the patience to do all these. Still, S/he will ask you about you innocently & impatiently “Bata bata bata kya hai tu”

Tu kabhi sonpari
Tu kabhi desi girl
Tu kabhi teekhi miri
Tu kabhi meethi honey
Bata bata bata kya hai tu

Who doesn’t love fairytales! I think many of us do. And most of the girls may say it or not, but secretly they crave to be treated as fairies. At a moment she wishes to wear a long fluffy gown, to fly in the sky of freedom, to do whatever her heart desires. But next moment she turns into a desi girl who is much more comfortable in her dailywear, who is ready to sacrifice her freedom for the sake of her family, who puts the happiness of her beloved ones above herself. A girl knows well how to behave according to the situation. Sometimes she tells you all the harsh words & makes you feel like the victim of her anger. Sometimes she evacuates all the love of her heart & gives that to you without any condition, without any expectation. Hot pepper tastes meagre in front of the anger of a woman & honey can’t compete with the sweetness a woman’s heart holds. Observe a woman minutely. You will know.

Tu kabhi mast magan
Tu kabhi chhaila sajan
Tu kabhi tezz hawa
Tu kabhi mehka pawan
Bata bata bata kya hai tu

When a man is in love with you, he will be the happiest when you are around him. Because your presence elucidates his existence. When any other guy stares at you for long, compliments you too much, proposes to you, tries to impress you, you name it flirting and try to avoid. But when he does the same, it becomes a bouquet of happiness for you which makes you crave more and more. A man in love sometimes behaves so unpredictable to do anything out of blue just to surprise you. Sometimes his actions feel like a strong wind that can blow away all the dust from your mind & can also gather all the dust in your mind. But sometimes he feels like a fragrant breeze which soothes the heart and soul to the core. You will get perplexed over his personality & will fall in love with him more.

Baadal mein chand jaise pyara lage
Vaise pyara mujhe yaar lagta hai tu
Pyari mujhe bhi lagti hai tu
Lekin badi tezz taraari hai tu

If your girl is a selenophile, then be assured that she will love you with all your ups & downs. She will handle all your mood swings. She will accept your flaws. Amidst the crowd, she will choose you everyday. Because she has already loved the moon before. And she knows how much the moon may change its attire, it will never stop giving her its compassion & coolness. Among the floating clouds, she sees the beauty of the moon which is synonymous with permanence for her. Beauty of a woman enhances manifold when it gets complemented with wisdom. Because today’s era demands a woman to become wise. A woman understands the thin line between being emotional & being fool. So when you praise a woman for the beauty of her face, figure & heart, then don’t forget that she has a brain also.

Tu kabhi gudd ki dali
Tu kabhi neem chadhi
Tu kabhi khilta kanwal
Tu kabhi kachchi kali
Bata bata bata kya hai tu

When you love a woman, then be ready to dip in her sweet talks sometimes & to swallow her bitter words sometimes. In her painful days when the moodswing is at its peak, then gift her some chocolates to balance the bitterness she throws at you. Adjectives may seem superficial. But metaphors are a deep way of appreciating someone. Using a metaphor for someone tells how that person invades your thought even when you look at other things. When a woman truly loves you, you can see her both soft & strong side. Sometimes she becomes a kid infront of you making you tolerate all her mischief. And sometimes she becomes an age-old granny giving you gyaan about life. But you will fall in love with both of her sides. Because be it an open lotus or a raw bud, both are beautiful in their own way, in their own time.

Tera mera silsila hai ghazab
Jaane kahaan humko le jayega
Yeh to jahaan bhi le jayega
Lekin deewana humko kar jayega

Many times we feel like nomads being unaware of our final destination. But when love flourishes in your heart, you become a traveller enjoying the journey. Thousands of fears jingle inside your mind. The fear of falling out of love, the fear of not being accepted by society, the fear of being a victim of cruel destiny, and the fear of not being together till the end. You don’t know what the future has in store for you both. But the only thing you know is that this love will make you learn how to live. You may end up being together or not, but this journey will tag you as a lover, a person who has the courage to share the precious emotion of heart with someone.

Tu kabhi sapna lage
Tu kabhi apna lage
Tu kabhi laad kare
Tu kabhi mujhse lade
Bata bata bata kya hai tu

Have you ever felt condradictory emotions for the same person? I mean while talking to that person, you feel like you have known each other for ages. You feel a special kind of connection. That person feels like an inseparable part of your own. But sometimes the same person feels like a dream with whom you have no relation in reality. The person who feels the closest at a time, seems too distant sometimes that you feel like you can not reach that level. Pampering and fighting are the ingredients of love. But one should realize which is needed in what proportion. A person seems caring when he pampers you. But you name the same person as rude when he fights with you. And you get confused regarding the true shade of his personality.

Arrey ab to bata kya hai tu
Tera aashiq aur tu
Arrey woh to baad mein bataungi

This is the cutest part of this song. When a man gives single one word answer to all the subjective questions of a woman & seeks answers from her, then she climbs another stair of playfulness. Because she wants to see his desperation and patience at the same time. She makes him wait for more. She doesn’t answer because she wants him to uncover her heart layer by layer on his own and she never gives that chance to everyone.
Pawandeep & Arunita have stuffed so much magic in this song that you can’t stop yourself from replaying it again & again.


Neele neele ambar

“Neele neele ambar” is the song that blesses my heart with wings & makes it fly in neele neele ambar. It doesn’t matter whether it is midnight or morning, whether it’s chaos or solitude, whether it’s work or leisure, this song always brings a smile to my face. My forever single mindset gets buried & the spirit of a hopeless romantic occupies me. This is so addictive that a tint of boredom doesn’t touch me even when I listen to this song in a loop for the umpteenth time.

//Neele-neele ambar par, chand jab aye
Pyaar barsaye, humko tarsaaye
Aisa koi saathi ho, aisa koi premi ho
Pyaas dil ki bujha jaye //

By staring at the starry sky for hours and by sharing all my secrets with the moon, I always feel so ethereal. Being single all my life, I have never experienced how romantic love feels like. But when I look at the moon, I wish someone sitting with me who can love the moon in the way I do, who can embrace all my insecurities in the way the moon does. I don’t know what to name this feeling. Desperation or expectation! All I know is moon always showers me with the belief that the feelings I have saved all these years are valid & the fidelity I have watered throughout my life is not futile. Moon made me believe that there must be someone somewhere who can understand the thirst of my heart without my utterance & will pour all his love on it without any complaint.

//Unche-unche parvat jab choomte hain ambar ko
Pyaasa pyaasa ambar jab choomta hai sagar ko
Pyaar se kasne ko, baahon mein basne ko
Dil mera lalchaaye, koi toh aa jaye //

Love is not about moving mountains or swimming in the sea. It’s all about those little efforts you do to fit into each other’s idea of love. In fact, love is a weird thing. Sometimes it pushes you to improve yourself from better to the best just the way tall mountains heighten themselves to kiss the sky. And sometimes it compels you to lower your crown just the way thirsty sky bows down to lick the sea. I don’t know how romance happens in a closed room. But my idea of romance is to make love with that special someone with mountains hiding us from behind, with sky blushing at us & with sea drenching our feet. That love which will make me feel the safest in his arms. That love which will make my head rest on his chest with my parading heartbeats. That love which will make me listen to his lub-dub in the rhythm of mine. That love which will make me long for more & more.

//Thande-thande jhonke jab baalon ko sehlaayein
Tapti-tapti kirne jab gaalon ko chhoo jayein
Saanson ki garmi ko, haanthon ki narmi ko
Mera mann tarsaye, koi toh choo jaye //

While standing on the terrace in chilly weather, while sitting in the window-side seat in the train, while walking on a seashore, all I want to do with my hairs is to give them freedom from the cage of braid so that they can play with the wind. But how it would have felt if someone is there to remove the tresses from my face & to tuck them in my ears just to gaze at me competing with the sunrays to make me blush! When you have your lover by your side, you can feel the warmth of his breath even in a cool zephyr. And you can feel a shiver in your spine on a sunny day. That moment, your heart will tell you to fit your fingers into that of his. And you will realize how holding the hand of your beloved is the most beautiful & purest form of love, yet so much underrated.

//Chham-chham karta saavan boondon ke baan chalaye
Satrangi barsaaton mein jab tan-mann bheega jaye
Pyaar mein nahaane ko, doob hi jaane ko
Dil mera tadpaye, khwaab jaga jaye //

When the pregnant clouds let go of their heaviness, it rains. It rains till those chham- chham, rim-jhim, pitter-patter, tupur-tupur calm down your roaring conscience. It rains until your heart & soul get wet, until your maturity melts, until the kiddish version of you get exposed. That version of you which wants to pull your partner out of the house to jump in the muddy rills, to see the joint reflection of both of you in the puddle, to paddle paper boats & to dance in rain holding his hand. You feel like the monsoon is the season of love meant to make you drown in love, deeper & deeper.

These feelings are not only about me or you. Because I know this song is the happy song not only for me and you. But also for all those people who claim themselves single, yet hum this song unconsciously imagining their special humans by their sides with whom they want to experience Kerala ki garmi & Nainital ki sardi.
I wish aisa koi saathi ho aisa koi premi ho mere liye bhi😝
🎵Laalaalaalaa laalaalaalaa
Wwaainneaakkaaa wwaainneaakkaaa🎵

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