An avenue underrated

How does it feel when the clock inside your head ticks faster than the clock on the wall, but the world sees your life as dormant without movement? Ask this to the students who are seriously preparing for competitive exams. They will smile. Because it is easy to smile, much easier than making others understand their states of mind. Minds that are heavied with the workload of today & uncertainties of tomorrow. Minds that are busy enough to not have time for visiting the zigzag lanes of the past. Books, notes, pdf, and lectures rule their world giving no space for entertainment. Watching movies, hanging out with friends, attending family functions, and surfing the web for long start feeling like crimes for which the future may punish them. Painting a portrait, playing a game, going to a dance class, recording a song don’t seem anymore like hobbies that can be cherished, but those come with the guilt of spending some precious time that can be invested in studying five extra pages. Holidays are not meant for rest anymore, but for lifting the syllabus to more height. The heart of an aspirant holds hope so tightly, but you can see a void in his/her eyes. A void of missing out. When the world outside is busy with partying, traveling, and celebrating life with much pump and show, they have to search for solace near their study table. Who doesn’t need a partner with whom you can enjoy the youth and grow old together? But for them, it’s better to control the hormones than to add some more load of uncertainties to life at this phase. Not completing the target of the day, scoring low in a mock test, and forgetting the concepts taught recently start feeling like mini heartbreaks to them. The sky above their heads is always clouded with anxiety. What if I fail? What if I lag from my friends? What if I don’t reach upto the expectation of my parents? What if the time & money I am investing won’t yield result? A lot of “what ifs” pierce them. But they tolerate that piercing pain and fight back so that they don’t have to deal with the most painful “could have been” in the upcoming time. Because these what-ifs can be proved wrong and turned into a positive outcome in the future. But there is no way back from the regret of not putting in some more effort, for not trying once more, for not taking the chance. Many sleepless nights pass while revising the course. Many favourite festivals pass while giving the tests. Many friends get lost, and many relatives taunt. But they don’t stop, sometimes look back, but don’t walk back. They walk towards their goals each day some miles more even after being bruised and tired. They don’t have the right to complain also because the cost of their big dreams can’t be a small amount. To join a dream college, to grab a seat in the curriculum of choice, to get a desired job, they compete. They fight. They thrive. They grow intellectually and emotionally. They do the adventure of sacrificing many pleasures of youth to crack an exam. But the world doesn’t find it right to call them ambitious or courageous. Instead, they are named droppers. The knowledge they gain in these years doesn’t get acknowledgement until and unless they succeed in that endeavour. But they know success tastes sweeter with struggle and failure doesn’t taste more bitter than the fear of trying. The ones who dream, who try, who hustle, who hope are the real achievers. The achievers whose achievements are not limited to good college, good degree and good job, but they are much beyond that. Not all eyes can visualize the beauty that is stretched towards the avenue of patience, discipline, courage, and optimism.


5 thoughts on “An avenue underrated

  1. Nowadays, children are too burdened with the pressure of getting good grades. Nowadays, children seem like machines. Many times, parents are also responsible for this. Studying is important, but parents should let children enjoy their childhood too. This phase of childhood and teenage doesn’t come again.


  2. Always A Breath Away From Life or Death God Yes
    Best With SMiLes Dear Ruchi For Real Warm And True

    And of Course A Dance And Song in Flow Naked Enough

    Whole Complete

    Will Keep the

    Colors of Humanity

    Coming in Every Way

    New With A Bit of Foraging For
    Food Shelter And Safety Fresh That

    Trust Brings When Humans Actually

    Need Each Other More Than the Tools

    They Both Use and Ultimately Sadly Become Now

    More of Than

    Truly Human

    The Oldest

    Moral of the
    Human Story
    Putting People First

    Putting People First

    Putting People First

    Tools Were Supposed

    To Help Not Drown Us in Abstract
    Constructs Suffocate Us in Caves Away

    From the Green Grass Trees Colorful

    Flowers And All the Wild Fur that Climbs
    And Feathers That Fly By Wind Above Yes Too

    Within Free Same as Currents Taking Fins of Fish Swimming

    to their Destination Free one With Ocean Waters and Waves

    All the Same Place to Live HeaR And Now For Real For Those

    Who Already Arrive Now in The Home of Their Destination Within


    to Give
    And Heal
    For All With Most
    Respect And Least Harm

    Yet You See All i Have to Use

    Online is Words One Smile

    in FlesH and Blood Is Worth

    More Than 11.4 MiLLioN Words

    of Free Verse Poetry And One Dance
    Together if Only For A Few Minutes to Actually Feel Alive…

    In The United States 57 Percent of Teenage Girls Are Assessed

    As Sad Lonely and Depressed With A Third Considering Ending Their


    Breath of
    Life i Surely
    Cannot Speak For

    India Other Than What
    i’ve Heard of Depression
    Anxiety and Feeling Lonely

    From Long Term FRiEnDS

    Yet When i Was Young Teenage

    Girls were Not Far Removed From Human

    As Basically Human is All There Was to Do

    At Least
    After School…

    Before They Became

    All the Tools of What Society
    Says They Are Supposed to Do…

    A Greatest Answer is No And Do You

    However That Takes Perhaps The Most Courage

    oF All to Turn A Titanic Around And Save What’s Real Within…

    Yet Here’s The Other Side

    of the Story Humankind

    As Whole is Far Away Out of Balance
    Taking Hoarding Harming Raping
    Maiming and Killing The Rest of

    Nature Including Humans too

    At Yes Levels Out of Balance Far Beyond Any

    Harm Done By Any Creature ThiS Way on Earth

    No Matter What Religion Says Now No Matter

    What Culture Says Now No Matter What Science

    Says New Nature is Still in Charge Unless We Seek Her Find Her

    And LiVE iN Balance With Her We Pay Our Own Prices in Misery

    And Suffering


    Sadly Now
    Here At Least For Those
    Who Will Be Responsible
    Most to Garden LoVE iN Peace
    For the Children of the Future

    Yet You See People Forget
    Statistics Too When People

    Become Only Statistics Yes

    And All The Power, The Status, The Degrees,
    The Awards, Bigger Homes, Faster Cars, More

    And More Money, And in General, Instant Gratification

    The New


    As Nature

    Comes Last

    And Humans
    Use up Their Last Breaths of Nature

    Too Unless They Learn to Be FRiEnDS With Gravity
    No Longer Falling Falling Falling Away from EVERY
    Precious Breath Alive and Truly Loving Free in Balance


    Newly Now

    With SMiLes

    FlesH And
    Blood Real…

    We’ve Become Not Only
    Slave to the Tools We
    Use Yet At Essence
    More Tool Than
    Human So

    The Answer is
    Clear Strip it All off
    Dance Naked Enough Whole Complete

    ToGeTHeR Again Yet Sadly That’s Considered

    Happy For No Reason Happy For No Goal Happy

    For Not Making Money or Buying Any Stuff True

    Happy is
    No Reason

    At all Other
    Than A Forever
    Now SMiLe From
    Heads to Toes For Real…

    The Most Insane Question Now
    Still in 17,953 Miles of Public Dance



    As if ‘They’
    Don’t Even

    Understand How to BREaTHE REaL
    Free Naked Enough Whole Complete

    (i Did Not Understand Before Either)

    And Even
    For Every
    Breath of Life

    Moving Connecting
    Co-Creating Born to
    Be Alive Free ThiS WaY

    NOPE It’s Not Rocket Science

    Yet Not to Do It is the Height

    of Human Ignorance Humanity
    Forgotten ToGeTHeR Again

    A Dance
    And Song Free
    Naked Enough Whole
    Complete Truly FRiEnDS
    Newly Now With GravitY iNHaLinG
    Peace ExHaLinG LoVE in JoY Every Breath
    God Yes oF LiGHT oF LoVE iN Peace FOR REAL…



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