Diwali – The light of hope

The night has come
The night on which stars appear as guests on land
The night on which earth competes with the sky in elegance
The night on which our nation
sleeps a little less
blinks a lot more
just like a beautiful bride
The night on which darkness makes love with light
A more bright, less quiet Knight of nights
The elated Diwali night
Fiesta of illumination and a feast for eyes.

Amidst the aura & boom of this festival
have you ever noticed
how the definition of Diwali
is different
for the people around you?

For some how it’s about switching off the barlights and putting on the fairy lights
But for some, it’s about wishing for bulbs in their houses to replace the candles.

How some dinings are decorated with boxes full of dry fruits and chocolates
And how some kitchens are filled with the aroma of mouth-watering delicacies
Still, some households are the witness
of the waiting of a wife for her husband’s early return from daily wage,
of the love between four siblings sharing a single piece of soanpapdi.

For some kids how Diwali is all about jumping in happiness
with the sound of photkas
with the sparkle of phuljharis
But for some kids, it’s all about smiling broadly
looking at the illuminated building of rich uncles from far
with more jingling of coins in their pots.

How Rainbow lends colours to some clean courtyards to beautify them with rangoli designs
Still, some damp floors dry themselves to embrace borrowed blankets for fast-invading winter.

For some how it’s about sending hundreds of happy Diwali gifs,
updating stories of their celebration on social media
But for some, it’s about saving some extra bucks,
wishing to make a better place for their families in the society.

How some burn firecrackers, fly sky lanterns
with their loved ones
to cherish moments
But some want their despair to fly and the memories to be burnt
remembering their lost ones.

How some convince themselves half-heartedly to celebrate Diwali
with colleagues without families this year
by not getting leave from the job
But some charge & challenge themselves
to celebrate Diwali next year
in their own salaries.

Have you ever realised?
How Diwali is not just about
sweets and fairy lights
crackers and colours
diyas and decorations
for everyone,
For some
it’s all about
appreciation and celebration
of a flickering hope
which has the power
to eradicate all the gloom of life.

Wish you a happy and hopeful Diwali🎇


23 thoughts on “Diwali – The light of hope

    1. Yeah sometimes I too think so. But it is more unfair if the privileged ones don’t do anything for the poor ones.

      Thanks Manoj for giving it a read!

      Wish you lots of brightness in life✨


  1. Ah Yes Like Christmas in America
    Diwali is A Candle and A Flame

    of Hope We LiGHT Up And Keep

    Within Best to Give and Share
    Away to Care And Heal For All

    This Power of Hope That LiGHTS

    Even Down Trodden Up

    Yet Indeed Every Human

    Hand Still Evolving to Hold Another

    Human Hand Both Through DarK And
    LiGHT GRoWinG Flames Taller Dear Ruchi

    Never Giving
    Up on All The
    LiGHT SHiNinG
    Within For All When Truer LiGHT For Real…:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks beautiful for giving it a read🌼

      So glad to get a Happy Diwali wish from far away🌼Thatswhy let me tell a bit more😄….The mythology behind this festival is Lord Ram had returned to his kingdom after 14 years of exile. So his welcome was performed by lighting lots of diya by countrymen.

      Wish you bright lights in your life path✨✨✨


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