Why so casual?

My generation sees the colour of independence by breaking the rules of nature and ancestors. My generation gets happiness by forgetting morals. My generation tags monogamy as monotonous. My generation calls cool to casual sex. My generation fears commitment. My generation doesn’t want to learn the language of loyalty. My generation considers patience as an act of foolishness. My generation wishes to graduate in sex before getting admitted into the school of love and marriage. My generation is getting modern by embracing hookup culture. My generation is happily letting the radiation of one night stand to invade their conscience. Sometimes I feel like is it wrong to possess an antique soul in this generation. And sometimes I feel like an orthodox granny thinking about what’s wrong with this generation. In today’s era when casual sex has been normalised, staying neutral suffocates me as if I am supporting it and venting my disagreement warns me as if I am judging it. But this contemporary definition of sex gives me a hard gulp. I don’t understand how this form of intimacy can happen between two people before living love and treasuring trust. How can one give access to someone to his/her body before a true heart-to-heart connection! How can a man lock his lips to those of a woman before crowning her forehead with respect! How can a woman hold a man in her embrace passionately when she has never felt a sense of fulfilment by burying her tears in his chest! How can a man lean on a woman when she has never told him how protected she feels while holding his hand! How can a woman let a man undress her before he succeeds to discover the emotions hidden in her heart! How can one negotiate with her/his long-accumulated dignity and devotion for the sake of temporary pleasure! And what kind of pleasure this is! The pleasure you are buying for your body at the cost of the permanence of your soul! Still, you become ready without any guilt because life is short and it should be enjoyed in the moment itself. It happens because porn has made you believe that sex is something dirty. Movies have shown you that casual sex is a fun ride. Novels have told you that sex without emotions is an escape from heartbreak. But tell me! What’s the meaning of physical mingling with someone before all your senses become saturated with the love of that person? And once your heart, your soul, your senses become saturated with the love of someone, you become immiscible to any other being. If you think that life is too short to wait for your special someone and to promise your emotional and physical possession to a single person, then dear remember that life is not too long for hopping from one person to another and losing a part of yours each time. Because in the end, you may find yourself standing at the opposite pole of love and loyalty from where there is no way back. How much the world may advance, something shouldn’t be replaced in the name of modernity because they are most beautiful in the traditional way. Making love is one such thing. Traditional means I’m not saying about marrying a stranger and getting naked on the fourth night itself. I mean to say not leaving your values, keeping things slow, having faith in the process and not allowing your fidelity to slip away. If you gaze at a newborn baby deeply, you will realise how nature gifts to two people in love and why you shouldn’t treat your body and that of others so casually without being really in love with other. Contraceptives are meant to prevent population, not to hide the deeds you do in the veil of freedom. Now some will say that sex just happens. Maybe, you are right. But if it happens with multiple persons randomly, then you don’t deserve to be categorised under the most intelligent creation of God. Physical attraction is real and sex is a need. But these things shouldn’t be arbitrary. Kisses, cuddles and coitus shouldn’t be random. Because sex is not dirty. Your love restores your sanctity while losing your virginity. Sex is not just for fun. It brings a sense of responsibility in you. Sex is something hollow or nothing at all if it happens without promising all the romanticism of your heart to that person, without opening the sanctum sanctorum of your soul for that person. Adulting boosts you with the power to distinguish between what is wrong and what is right. Still in life, you meet some people in the field out beyond the idea of right doing and wrong doing. That is when, you should decide how long to stay and how long to travel. Because social and ethical boundaries are not always meant to cage you, but are sometimes meant to give you a chance to halt, observe and move in the right direction.

I just wrote what I feel. You may disagree because views vary from person to person.

17 thoughts on “Why so casual?

    1. Yeah Arjun, I do agree that it’s too difficult to control our monkey mind. But controlling seems bit less difficult when you prioritise your moral values than your bodily pleasure and become empathetic towards the emotions of others.

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      1. but moral values are subjected to change. Today’s society considers one night stands, live in together etc as moral values not immoral ones and also it varies with respect to persons.

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    1. Can you please tell me how much patience and kindness it takes to leave such long free verses in the comment box of someone?
      How cosmic your heart is, dear friend?
      I feel happy, infact lucky to receive feedbacks from you on my blog.
      Coming to father topic, I still buy dresses after getting a thumbs up from my father. But I have never received any comment or compliment from him for my writings. I don’t show him any of these because I don’t want him to feel like his Ruchi has grown up much to have thoughts like these. So it feels great to know that an elder like you of my father’s generation reads my thoughts and shares own views on them.
      Thanks for letting me know about rat utopia. And the line “Downloading as many varieties of pretty birds until you are no longer interested in birds” is really funny with a deep message inside. I liked it.
      It felt nice to know about the journey of your dark haired lady from pain to prosperity. In these 32 years of togetherness she must have partially forgotten her painful past. I wish you both to cherish your love till eternity❤️
      Aaaaaaaand I must say thanks thanks thanks to you for bringing your beautiful lady from that tiny dp of you to this stunning photo. Hey friend! You have to stay young for 30 years more for the sake of this lovely lady of yours😛😛

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      1. SMiles Dear Ruchi
        Really A Moral
        Of The Entire
        Story is Fairy
        Tales Come Real
        Through Hell And
        Heaven Same All
        A Play of Life A Never
        Ending Story We aRe All
        Part Whole God SoUL THiS

        Way i Never
        Get Tired Of
        Dancing Singing
        To All Of God’s Faces

        Namaste Dear FRiEnD
        For Real Minus The Clothes
        The Tools oF All CuLTuRES
        We aRe All Leaves Forest

        Of This
        Living Tree
        Water Waves Oceans All 🌊

        Just Happy to Be

        i Am

        Of LoVinG All DarK Thru LiGHT

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  2. Glad that someone said it. Western culture has ruined Indians and Indian culture. Being modern doesn’t mean imitating what people do in western countries. You can still be modern even following your own culture and moral values. When you truly fall in love with someone, you stop thinking about anyone else. That’s true love. When I see people using relationships as use and throw, I feel bad. Loyalty is a big thing, not everyone has it.

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  3. I think we should live and let live. There are a lot of things in life and in world that we may not understand because of the way we are brought up.
    There are also a lot of concepts we will never be able to accept because of our environments or our close-mindedness.
    We can try to unlearn stigmas, but if that’s not possible, we can definitely learn to be kind.
    Whatever anyone says, it’s a free world. People deserve to find love and comfort in whichever way they want, wherever they want and with whomever they want.
    Humans are beautiful in that sense, to be capable of making mistakes and learning from it.
    There is no point in glorifying one way of life and making another seem undignified or vile just because it doesn’t make sense to you.
    People will never be stupid for the way they choose to live their lives. It’s a choice made consciously or as an emotional response to any trauma they might have had in their lives. We don’t know their lives, we don’t know what they have gone through and we definitely don’t know what they are going through.
    We are no god to judge them and we certainly are no better than racists if we do so.
    If we don’t understand certain things, its better to peacefully live our lives the way we want rather than judging others. Because if the tables were turned and we were made to feel less than ourselves for the choices we make – especially pertaining to relationships, we might not be able to handle it well.
    Just my thoughts ✨

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    1. Hi Janani! I’m glad for your presence in this ancestral post of mine🌼
      And to reply you first of all I want to clear one thing that if you consider casual sex as open-mindedness, then I’ll happily categorise myself as close-minded. See, everyone has right to live life in own way and none can compel anyone to stick to a particular set of morals. But don’t you think that by spread of these so-called modernity, human values are downfalling! Ok as you said this is a free world and people can find love in whichever way they want, wherever they want and with whomever they want, then according to love is trading bodies for free without any emotions before and responsibility afterwards????
      In this aspect why did you tell humans are beautiful for making mistake and learning from it? Because dear you too know that it is a mistake, not a good thing to practise.
      And coming to your point about letting others live, who am I or who are you to restrict a person to live according to his/her wish. When their own instinct doesn’t debar them, then none can do.
      This is not about judging, but about saying the thing which I feel like pollution instead of staying neutral and mute.


      1. You say none can compel anyone to stick to a particular set of morals, yet you judge those who prefer casual sex in their youth. This is not “so-called modernity”. Sex and love are not things that you should equate. Not everyone needs love to validate them taking pleasure. It’s that what you need to understand. It’s not pollution.
        As long as two people are mutually consenting, and respectful towards each other, sex has nothing to do with love.
        If you are still unable or unwilling to understand, then we will just agree to disagree.
        Have a great day!


      2. Also, it is definitely judging when you tell someone how to live. I don’t mind when people have casual sex and when people decide to wait. To me, it’s their choice and I respect it. I don’t condemn either choice as it is their to make.
        But you do judge. I just hope you develop acceptance and still choose to have your set of morals for whichever reason you have them.
        The world right now needs more kindness and acceptance, not lessons on morality.


  4. Your piece was very interesting. Although I do not judge other people, I usually have them think about what they really want and what they getting into. Sex is a responsibility between both or all parties involved it should be discussed before engaging in the activity. The result of sex is procreation, and with multiple partners the increase of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). People depend on condoms to protect from STI’s and pregnancy never taking into account the misuse. Then as results children are born to single moms who are stressed and unprepared for the responsibility of raising that child. Now this increases the need for mental health resources in society. Condoms do not protect from every STI. People should talk and be more open with the conversation of sex.


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