How period feels like-

  1. For 2-3 days you are feeling weird physically and mentally. Suddenly you feel like you don’t deserve anything, none loves you, your life is nothing more than pain. And a minute later you feel like success is coming close to you, love and romance revolve around you, life is beautiful and magical. You feel a sharp pain in your stomach instantly. And after sometime a tingling sensation flutters in your lower half. You don’t understand what is happening to you. You question yourself about the contradictory state of your mind. You go to the toilet for a pee. Your eyes detect something on your underwear. Now you understand everything. Your question gets answered like “Oo, thatswhy”.

2. Some months you don’t ignore the signals your body gives you and direct your mind to have a look at the calender. So to get rid of the stains on your clean clothes and bedsheets, you take precautionary measures. When that measure yields result, you give a pat on your back thinking yourself wise and thanking destiny. And in some months, luck slaps you hard for not keeping a count on the rotation of the earth. When you wake up after seeing a dream by sleeping in bed, after enjoying a movie by lying on the sofa, after completing a task by sitting on the chair, you realise that the volcano has already erupted. And you become ready to spend some energy and time in the washroom to erase the marks.

3. As the flood under and storm inside begin to happen, you feel that Almighty has given all the disasters to women and celebrations to men. You feel like a male gets (12×5=60 days=2 months) more every year to study properly, to travel properly, to party properly, to eat properly and to live properly than that of a female. You feel victimised by the partiality of God. You ask why God why. You know the answer to that why. But the pain you go through during that time doesn’t let you remember the answer and smile.

4. You feel like a tractor ploughing your abdomen and a ridger moving on your thighs. Bending your limbs, squeezing your belly, you try every possible position that your body can make so that cramps can be curtailed a bit. Sometimes you feel like it is better to cut the lower half and throw it away rather than bearing the pierce of thousand needles on it.

5. In tv ads, you watch girls on their periods dancing, climbing, and playing so happily. You think that are those girls fortunate or you are unfortunate. Then you recall that the tint on their pads is blue and in yours it is red. You realise that Whisper can’t define how your body yells during this time, Stayfree can’t understand how fettered you feel during these days, Sofy can’t estimate how tough this period is and Paree can’t bring you wings to fly in this low phase.

6. When your body gives you the sensation of hell and you want an escape from that, you try to find some pleasure by watching comedy or cracking fun. But that too comes with another strange happening. The more you laugh, the more bubbles burst underneath. With every vibration in your body be it due to laughter, sneeze, coughing or hiccup, your pad weighs a little more.

7. The societal taboo regarding periods has also invaded our minds. Each time you are on your periods, you fear what if your dress gets tinted when you are in a public place. You remind yourself again and again not to wear light-coloured clothes. You ask your girlfriends to check everytime you stand up. In this 21st century, you still fear of being a matter of discussion, a subject of humiliation due to the blood on your dress.

8. How much emotionally stable and mentally matured girl you are, your mood becomes a pendulum during this period. You laugh, you cry. You push people away, you need them by your side. You wanna eat the whole world, you don’t wanna touch food. You don’t wanna talk, you wanna argue over silly things. You want to let out each bit of feelings that your heart holds, be it love, hatred, care, anger, frustration, everything. And you wish the other person to understand. Deep inside, you think that none understands actually. So you avoid interaction during this period. And the people who know you for long can sense a change in you these days.

9. Sometimes it feels like the most unbearable , yet unavoidable thing is having periods during your exam days. Even when your body feels like crumbling down and your mood swing is at its peak, you have to sit straight, study hard and write paper for hours. What hurts more is you can’t share this with others because they will consider it as the hype. Only you know your suffering and only you have to handle that. You feel like God is examining your strength and patience along with the academic exams.

10. You plan a vacation for some adventure and enjoyment. You plan to wear this and party like this for family function or college fest. You plan to celebrate a pooja fully. Theeeeeennnnnn….then this villain arrives along with its henchmen- pimples, cramps, badmood, weakness, social and religious restrictions. And now all your plans get destructed. You can’t delay the arrival of this villain also. Because you know that if you do so, then it will become more fierce in the coming months.

11. Sometimes on the 4th day, you see that redness in your pad decreasing in intensity and area. On the 5th day, you see your pad crinkling without any significant stain. So you pack the pads and keep them for next month. And on the 6th day when you go to the toilet, you feel like being deceived and fooled. Another process of washing, changing and affixing goes on.

12. When you are single, periods feel a lot like an uninvited guest. A guest who doesn’t fail to knock on the door on time, a guest whom you don’t want to intrude in your daily life. But the case flips when you are in a romantic relationship and you people make love. Then you sigh in relief on the timely arrival of this guest. Because now its presence stamps a confirmation and its absence indicates congratulation.

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14 thoughts on “Periods

  1. Oh Dear Lord Dear Ruchi This is A Most
    Comprehensive Graphic And Wisely Humorous
    Account of A Woman’s Monthly Visitor i’ve Ever

    Encountered Kudos for the Magnificent Work of
    Art For This Part of The Challenge of the Human


    Specific to Folks
    Yes With A Uterus

    Yet Even though You’ve
    Almost Convinced me i Never
    Wanna Come Back With a Uterus

    Plus the Required Ovaries of Course
    For the Monthly Visitor to Return
    in Reproductive Ages of Course Yes

    i Am already Gonna Forecast Your
    Future HeaR As when you are 123 or 124
    That Part is Hard to Figure Out Depending
    On Modern Technology of Course Yet What i See

    Is A Hospital Room Full of Generations That Come
    From The Condition of the Human Condition That Challenged
    You Every Month For So Long And All These Generations Will Have

    One Part in Common
    Whole Yes THeir Love
    For You Not Wanting
    To See You Go After Your
    Last Breath All That Will be Left
    For Them to Do is Spread That Breath
    of Love You Gifted to them Life Bl0od Indeed Dear FRiEND..:)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you friend for understanding a woman’s struggle to treat her monthly visitor and leaving the print of your kindness in the comment box🌸

      But I’m upset🥺because you didn’t wish me smiles this time😞

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehe Dear Ruchi i’m
        An Empath A SMile
        Didn’t Seem Respectful
        Enough Feeling Your
        Lifelong Struggle
        With “The
        Visitor” True
        Dear Lord i’ve
        Felt And Sensed
        IT With my Wife For
        33 Years i Practically
        Feel And Sense
        Cramped With
        Her Struggles
        Okay Now For
        An Eternal SMile
        For my Dear Young
        Traditional Indian
        FRiEnD Who
        Teaches So
        Much Even
        To An Old
        Dog” 🐺
        me HAha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hehe With SMiles
        Dear Ruchi THere
        Is No Doubt i Treat
        my Wife Like A Goddess
        Even When She Yells At
        me it’s
        Time For
        The Gourmet
        Lunch She Prepares
        For me As i Write this

        To Dear
        Ruchi Hehe 😜 ☺️🙏

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  2. The graphics are hilariously true!!! This is REAL LIFE!!! I LOVE this one ☝️ the only break from it that you’ll ever have is pregnancy 🤰😳😳😳😂😂😂 birth control is a nightmare of symptoms too… maybe this should be a series 😂 pregnancy then birth control— THE WHOLE TRUTH 🤣
    This is a treasure to encounter really thank you 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah life of a woman is a series of adventure from her own birth to giving birth to a new life, from undergoing the process of giving birth to controlling it and then terminating the process…..Thank you Evelyn for giving it a read and I’m happy to know that you loved it🌸

      Liked by 2 people

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