Daddy’s little girl

Stars stop twinkling and the moon starts drowning in the ocean of emptiness
With the vanishing darkness, the sun rises

The whole city is wrapped with anxiety, delectation and cheer
As the most awaited festival Dussehra is one day near

The day which will burn all the sin, sorrow and pain
Life will be delighted with good health, wealth and happiness gain
With a golden opportunity to restart again

But after a sleepless night, that little girl is still sitting near the window of the clinic
With agony clogged mind tear flooded eyes & heart heavied with unending panic

Fully immersed in analysing-

If there is always victory of God over the devil
And good over evil
Then what is the mistake of her innocent soul
For which she is being dragged deeper and deeper into the suffering hole

Why so many obstacles in her mission to dream college!
Why is she being snatched away with all her confidence and courage!
Why the ten year long forecasted success now seems only as a mirage!

Ssssshhhh……halt to her dwelling in the past present future
When she only she is compelled to enter the operation theatre
Without her permanent armour, her mother and father

With the trembling first step on the o.t floor
Out of chocked tear conflated with fear her entire body starts to shiver

Within no minutes anaesthesia clothes her whole body
Because the doctor knows she can not see herself bloody

Now she becomes stagnant and feeling less
The only thing she perceives is swirling black lace around her face
For her is it Goddess Durga’s grace !!!???

After a long time, she listens doctor saying-
It is Almighty’s glory
Operation successful and now nothing to worry

When she opens her eyes
She sees a blend of joy and tears
In the face of her beloved father
Which she had never seen before
She promises at the moment at any cost not to hurt him further

The way the little girl loves her father and he values her
Defines the sacred relation between father and daughter


7 thoughts on “Daddy’s little girl

  1. SMiLes in the Northern Hemisphere at Least
    Most Every Culture Has Some Kind of Celebration
    oF LiGHTS Or Creativity in Warmth of Humanity

    To Mark the Passage
    oF LiGHT Falling
    Away And the Birth
    of DarK That Fall Brings
    in Winter Frozen Soils of
    Soul Only To Eventually Be
    Fertilized By Fall Leaves For Spring
    Green And Summer Flowers Again

    SMiLes Hehe if Your Poem is Not Metaphor
    And You Really Went into Surgery i Am So
    Happy You Made it Through Yet Clouds Make

    Sunshine Real Death Makes Life Real And Oh
    How Sacred And Holy the Moment is When We

    Come Back to Life And LiGHT Returns For DarK in However

    That May Come For Parents And FRiEnDS Who Birth Their Loved

    Ones IN LiGHT

    too Dear Ruchi

    Anyway Marry the
    Night Merry the Day
    Appreciated in Such Holy
    And Sacred Way DarK Creates LiGHT..:)

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