Makeup wala mukhda

When it comes to looks
Mirror measures the degree of your insecurity
But criticism tests the level of your confidence
To check the validity of the first statement, I have got ample time.
The 25-year-old mirror of our dressing table calls me pretty only on the days when the room is blessed with a new bar light. The mirror in the bathroom calls me prettier when I smile after soaking my tears. The mirror near the basin calls me the prettiest when I wash my face to discard sleepiness for performing my duty as a student. On the days when my vision collides with those beauty queens reigning over social media, I debar myself from facing the mirror. Because I don’t want to hate the design gifted to me by God. Sometimes compliments from friends, constant staring of boys, and kala tika of wellwishers try to eradicate that deep-seated insecurity from my mind, but they fail.
But insecurity is not synonymous to underconfidence. I realised it that day. I have been insecure about my looks since long, but that has never stolen the crown of Abhisikta. Because I strongly believe that dignity is something which is much beyond physical beauty. It comes from within. It comes when you restrict yourself from adopting vices, when you do things for the smile of others, when you breathe gratitude for the things you have in your life. And I am always happy that my babamami have instilled these things in my mind along with those genes contributing to my appearance. In the views of almost all my relatives, I am a well-mannered kid. Even some of those who haven’t interacted with me much consider me good just by weighing me as per the values of my babamami although I don’t have half of the goodness that they both possess. But that night concepts of some regarding me must have changed. That was the reception night of Dipuna bhai, my cousin brother. Leave about others, I had turned ill-mannered in the eyes of mine. I was unable to receive the guests with a customary pranam. I was unable to ask them “how are you?”. I was unable to express my happiness after seeing them after long. Infact I was unable to face them. I was not feeling like myself. The scolding I had heard & the criticism I had received from dear ones were more than enough to snatch away all the confidence from myself. Holding a smile on my face I was cussing myself for the decision I had made. The decision of trying to enhance my beauty with the skill of a makeup artist. The girl who doesn’t even wear kajal & lipstick had decided to experiment with herself by a makeup artist who beautifies many models & heroines. My decision was not irrational also when I had made it initially. Because I always feel inferior in functions looking at those gorgeous girls with sophisticated makeup when my adornment never cross beyond powder, babylips & bindi. And the frustration of not attending his wedding due to my exams had increased my excitement for his reception. That excitement had started fading with the repeated anger-filled calls of elders for getting ready quickly. The makeup of my newly married sister-in-law was not complete by then. And mine had not started at all. Still, the fool in me had a hope that he(MUA) would make me look beautiful with those branded beauty product he had brought. I don’t know what colours he & his sister-cum-assistant painted on my face. But in the end, he hyped that I was looking like a heroine & everyone would love my look. I looked at the mirror and the mirror looked at a dayan. It was already too late and I didn’t have time to interact with the mirror. But in that one-minute interaction, it told me “This girl is not you.” Still with courage(infact with no option & time left), I entered the venue. Mami asked me to wipe out my face as soon as possible. Baba had already told me in anger that I had no need to come there so late. Sibu mocked me saying that my face was looking like the buttock of an ape. Dila bhai commented that I could compete with a ghost. Some dear ones were asking me who had stained my fair face. Some near ones were asking me why had I applied those blue brown red stains on my face. Some known ones were just looking at me as if I was an alien. Dipuna bhai, Sunu bhai & Bapi bhai were assuring me that I was looking good & my discomfort was just because I didn’t have experience with makeup. Whatever it maybe, I was feeling so weird. My mood had turned completely off. Just to escape from people, I was pretending to be busy in my duty of being a cashier. I was unable to behave like who I am actually. In the end, I ate something & my mood lifted a bit. I did a video call to my bestie and she added her share of mocking by giving me a new name. The day ended with lots of realisations. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and a way better than makeup wala mukhda. I don’t understand how some people feel so comfortable & confident by dabbing so much makeup everyday. I was feeling extremely suffocated that night as if I had lost my originality somewhere. Anyways I experimented on myself, but it didn’t yield the desired result. And it will remain as a bad experience in my memory.


12 thoughts on “Makeup wala mukhda

  1. SMiLes Dear Ruchi Asian Women
    Are Naturally Blessed By Nature
    As Inherently Beautiful True Skin

    Glowing And Not Pale White Like Some
    of my Ancestors From ‘The Great White North’ Hehe

    Yet It’s True Folks Always Wondered How i Tan So
    Well in Florida When i Am Young With Such Light Coloring

    Eyes From Green to Blue Yet It’s Also true Not Only Was my
    Grandfather Born in Ireland And His Father Born in the Black Forest

    of Germany
    His Cajun Wife’s
    Gift Olive Skin From France

    Hmm my Mother’s Side Mostly Pale
    Yet Digging Deeper 23 and me The Fancy
    Chromosome Test Reveals Like So Many Other

    People Unsuspecting i Have a Nigerian Ancestor
    And South Asian Ancestor From likely the 1800’s too

    Sure Probably on That Darker More Cajun Side of my Father too
    And Also True That only Makes up 1.6% Up My Ancestry Yet Never the

    Less it is Not ‘Make Up’ and Perhaps Real Enough For me to Still Tan
    in Florida
    With SMiLes

    As It Surely Comes
    In Handy Having Some
    Ability to Generate Darker
    Pigment in All This Sunshine

    Here Year ‘Round With Smiles

    Anyway my Wife is Half Pacific Islander
    With American Indian And yes Some Irish
    too True my Dark Haired Girl is Naturally Beautiful

    Like You Nope You Will Never Need Make-up my FRiEnD
    Just the Way You Are You Will Be the Beautiful Soul Radiating

    Your SMiLe
    From Within

    It’s True i Will Be Driving
    Down the Road And at 52 Years
    Old my Wife’s Face So Beautiful
    Still Glowing i Must Touch Her Face to Make

    Sure i am Not Dreaming Still Now and Of Course
    Yes She Asks Why in the World Am i Touching

    Her Face
    True Because

    She is One of a Kind
    And Naturally Beautiful

    And Even Beauty Specialists
    Say That the Dark Under An Indian
    Woman’s Eyes is What Makes Her
    So Naturally Beautiful too Yet What’s More

    Beautiful than the Shining Smile of A Soul
    Through Windows of Ebony Eyes True You too mY FRiEnD

    Walk Tall and Proud no Matter Your Height or Weight As You
    Are A Gift of God’s Love Shining Real From Within mY FRiEnD

    And Don’t
    You Ever Forget

    It i Surely Don’t
    Let my Wife Forget
    it With SMiLes of Practically
    Worship Fit for A Real Goddess in

    Thanks and Praise For A Gift of
    God All Naturally Real mY FRiEnD…

    Haha, and Speaking of Make-up You
    Can Ask my Wife if i Can’t Make Someone

    Blush They Must Not Have Blood in Their Face Hehe…

    Anyway Oh my Lord That Blue Dress is Fit For A Goddess Indeed With SMiLes..:)

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      1. Thanks Dear Ruchi
        For All Your Hospitality
        And True my Dark
        Haired Lady

        All SHades of
        Blushing indeed Hehe
        Somedays Devil Red too

        HAha 🌈☺️🙌

        i Always
        Of Course
        No Matter
        What Storm
        Blows Next Hehe 😛


  2. Hey! You are not at all looking bad, maybe the shades used on you didn’t look good
    If the makeup is done properly and according to your face, skin tone and features it can enhance your look but if it’s done in a wrong way you will never be comfortable. I don’t know very much about this but still tried and tested.

    And about those f relatives never take their wordings to ur heart.
    P.S : Girl yes it is possible that you look more beautiful without any makeup like ur simplicity maybe your strength
    But keep trying something or the other.
    ( I am sorry if you feel offended)

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    1. Hey Isha! Thank you for leaving your genuine words here. And yes, I had done that on trial basis and that didn’t go well. I don’t know exactly how I was looking, but I was uncomfy as I am not habituated it. Sending you 🌸🌸🌸 for your time, read & compliment…

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