Mami for baba

Contribution of Mami in the life of Baba

1. He gifted her vermilion & she made him God. She became his ardhanginee & he turned her pati parameswar. How it feels to be God for your special one & an ordinary human for the rest of the world!

2. Accepting his mother as own mother, his brothers as own brothers, his sisters as own sisters, his family as own family must not be an easy task for Mami. But the ways she does everything for his family by treating them as own blood shows how much she loves baba to protect his dignity in front of others.

3. If being a father is a proud feeling for manhood, then Mami stamped him with this pride.

4. If his job is pizza, then her job is topping. Being a working woman, she assists her man in feeding the family.

5. She brews sugarless tea. She fries veggies with almost no oil. She puts less salt in curries. Because for her, his health is more important than his compliment. Her love is the secret ingredient that makes food tasty & makes him finish the plates.

6. From serving him food in time to preparing tiffin for his office, from washing his clothes to ironing them, from colouring his hair to massaging oil on his shoulder, she never retires from her duty of taking care of him.

7. Her fidelity makes him discuss every matter with her without any second thought. Her opinion makes him reach the point of the correct decision.

8. She waits a lot, she waits too long for him. Her patience dazzles with her devotion for him when she waits for him to come home to sip tea together even if tiredness flutters in her body & mind, when she doesn’t sit in the dining until he comes to eat after calling for ten times.

9. Mami always says to me & Sibu that it’s ok if we hurt her. But she warns us to never hurt baba. These are not mere words of her, these are the beads of her reverence for him.

10. From reminding him to take mobile before coming out to reminding him to take medicine before going to bed, She acts as a reminder that buzzes in his ears from time to time.



6 thoughts on “Mami for baba

  1. Love,

    God Bless Your
    Family Dear Ruchi

    What A Wonderful Story
    You Tale Of Your Mother’s
    Love For Your Father As

    You Dance And Sing in
    Your Culture Mami’s Love

    For Baba No Ordinary Love
    For She Elevates Him to Status of God

    Hehe And My Wife Katrina Treats Me
    Like a Two-Year Old True There is DarK
    And LiGHT iN Her Philosophy of Love For me

    As She colds me Every Day For Some Small
    Offense Hehe Like Writing Poetry in Laser Focus
    of Autotelic Flow and Not Hearing Her Directions For me

    True in Another
    World i Tend
    to Drift This Way hAha

    Yet THere is the LiGHT
    As She Also Takes Care
    of me Like A Two-Year Old Child

    It’s True When i Met her i Wondered
    How Anyone Could Be So Beautiful As Her
    Yet i Was Already Wise Enough to Understand

    A Woman is More Than the Sum of Her Body Parts hehe
    True i Wanted Her For A Wife Forever When i Saw How She

    Treated the Little Children Ear to Ear in Smiles at The Place
    i met Her Yes WHere i Worked As a Dude With Three College
    Degrees Close to the Top of His University Classes Yet Never
    the Less and Less Just Serving Out Rental Shoes at a Military

    Bowling Center
    Getting my
    Foot in
    The Door
    to One Day
    Retire With
    the Golden
    Hand-Cuffs of that Federal Job

    Oh My Gosh after 19 Years Of
    School Altogether i Was Still Making
    Close to Minimum Wage i Guess You
    Could Say in Terms of ‘Castes’ i Was An
    ‘Untouchable’ in Accord With Working Social Status Hehe

    Yet You See my Wife Was Raised Poor too As i May Have
    Already told the tale as How She Started Earning Her Wonder
    Woman Status for Real Early Was Climbing 40 Foot Trees At 8 Years-Old
    Looking Over the Roofs of Neighbors With Food and Drink As All She Could
    Do Is Pick Delicious Fruit off the Trees As Legend Tales As Her Single Mother Raising

    6 Children
    Had No
    Food or Drink
    Or Any Electricity
    Not Even Water for
    the Family For Basic Subsistence
    Then And The Bus Didn’t Travel Close
    to the Mile to Her School and They Were
    Way too Poor For Umbrellas So She Walked
    in the Winter Cold And Freezing Rain to School

    Without Even an Umbrella then Spit on by the
    ‘Higher Caste’ Folks in the Area Churches then

    As Indeed They Considered Her an Untouchable
    As They Did me When i Was Poor in School Just
    For Being A Boy Who Smiled A lot Cause His Mother

    Raised Him
    As Love and
    my ‘Big Daddy’
    Law Enforcement
    Dude Left Before i Could
    Speak at 4 Years Old Yes
    He Left when i was 3 as my
    Mother Wanted to Spend Our
    Early Years Taking Care of Us
    Raising Us As Love And He Left
    For A Woman To Work and Help Him Become Rich

    Yep He Worked 46 Years in Law Enforcement Married
    3 More Times Twice to His Second Wife too As She Left
    Him Twice And His Third Wife Wasn’t Very Nice She Didn’t
    Seem to Have a Nurturing Bone in Her Body Sort of Like Him
    Who We Never Really Got to Know As He Just Didn’t Have What

    it Takes
    for A Human
    to Express the
    Emotional Intelligence
    of SPiRiT HeART And SoUL…

    SMiLes Dear FRiEnD ‘They Say’

    Opposites Attract As Indeed my Mother
    Won the Honor of Young Woman With the
    Best Figure in High School in Her 11th and
    12 Year of Grade School And True When She
    Worked in the Courthouse And Saw my Father
    A Beverage Agent Busting People Who Were Moonshiners
    Selling Alcohol When it Was Illegal to Sell Yes She Said Half
    Shaven With Jet Black Curly Hair And Eyes of Emerald Gulf Green

    That Whatever Woman
    Had Him as A Husband Must
    Then Be the Luckiest Woman
    in the Whole World As She
    Had Never Laid Eyes Upon
    A Man As Handsome As Him in the Entire World…

    Hmm, He Asked Her to Marry Him on the First Date
    And She Said No as it seemed too Soon And then She
    Considered Her Age of 26 As Rather Old For an Unmarried
    Woman Then So on the Second Date She Said Yes hehe

    And Then After they
    Were Married He
    Practically Never
    Said Another Word
    to Her for the Next 3 Years
    Until He Decided to Leave

    It’s True Dear FRiEnD Real True
    Love Yes is More Than Skin Deep

    However if it was not for Attraction
    And Rule Breakers Neither my Wonder
    Woman Angel Wife Would Exist or me

    As Her Mother Strayed With a Sailor from the
    Philippines While Her Husband in the Military Was
    off to Another Duty Station in Another Country Another

    ‘Hook-Up’ Based All on Attraction except no Marriage of
    Course As The Man She Strayed With Had A Family Back
    in the Philippines Then And in my Case my Grandfather Born

    in Ireland And Schooled With PHD in Limerick And Other Countries
    Counsel to the Pope At The Vatican as Yes He Was A Catholic Priest
    Then With Parishes in South Africa, Gainesville in Florida, And Taylor
    County in North Florida too of Course Priests Aren’t Supposed to Get Married

    Yet oh No what a Scandal Came After That as a 17 Year-Old Spicy Cajun Young
    Woman Woo’ed Him From the Pews At Church Yet i Really Can’t Complain as even

    Though he was
    36 When that

    If Not For the
    Rule Breaking Neither
    me or my Wife Would Exist

    Hehe i wonder if God is Mad
    At Us i’m Thinking God is Much
    Smarter Than That Particularly if God is Love

    As i Really Really Truly Believe God is Love in Fact

    There Are too Many God’s to Count As i Worship Every
    Part of Existence Dark through LiGhT As i Understand
    DarK Makes LiGhT

    Night Makes Day

    Without Shadows

    Both We And the
    Sun Could Not
    Exist Together As FRiEnDS hehe

    Yet You See Not Unlike Your Culture in India
    Where There Are So Many Gods As in my View
    Every Part of Existence is the Face of God As You

    Dance and Sing ‘Namaste’ Where You Live True too

    Indeed At Essence All of God is Love the Love We Give,
    Share, Care, Heal With Least Harm For All of Existence is the

    And Divine

    God We Actually
    Do As Love the Verb

    That No One Will Ever
    Trap As Wind in a Jar

    The Verb We Become This

    God This Divine This Holy and
    Sacred Love Again We Give, Share,
    Care, Heal Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN
    JoY OF LiGHT For All Now With Least Harm And SMiLes…

    My Gosh Where i Come From Life is So Messy Where You

    Live it is Virginal White and Love Yet it’s True Virginity is not About
    Body Parts Used True Virginity is When All of Existence Becomes
    Our Husband And Bride When We Love DarK Thru LiGHT Equally

    And Truly
    God the
    Verb this

    Love Once Again
    We Give, Share, Care,
    Heal For Free For All With Least Harm…

    You Know Dear FRiEnD THere is Practically

    No One in Person at Least i Can’t Get Along with
    Them Once i Smile at them with Love That is Pure
    Without Judgement For Whatever is DarK or LiGHT about THeir Life

    It’s True There Are ‘Untouchables’ to me Yet Those Robo-Calls that
    Try to Sell me Used Car Warranties for my Honda Civic That Still Works
    Perfectly for 8 Years i Do Have to Ignore as i am Turning 62 on June the 6th

    And Life is Too
    Precious to

    on Machines

    When i Put People
    First When i Put all
    of Existence First When

    i Love it All With Great
    Worship For My Life/Wife As i
    Truly Treat Her As Goddess of Love

    i Become Love As i Truly Believe God is Love

    God is Love God is Love the Rose That Grows So Colorful out of CR8P

    In the Real World Heroes Often Raise themselves Up with No Fear God Yes
    After Opposites Attract And Go Their Separate Ways and the Mother Raises
    A Child A Daughter And or Son as Love And One Day The Child Becomes Their

    Own Fearless

    And The
    Demons Their
    Father had Away

    From Love Are Healed
    For the Child to Become A Hero True

    It’s True What it is Who becomes a Hero
    is often From A Very Messy Place Yet What

    i Find is When We Embrace Chaos As A Balance
    of ‘Kali’ and Order of the Cosmic Dancer ‘Shiva’ Now

    Every Part of
    Chaos Becomes
    A Jewel of Art We All Co-Create
    Even in the DarKest Parts WHere
    Actually We aRe Fertilizing A Rose to Color Love More…

    You Will Make A Wonderful Wife And Chances Are Your Mother
    And Father Will Help Select A Wonderful Husband For You

    i Hope Your

    Never Have
    to Go to HeLL ON EartH

    Like My Wife And i had to Do to Get to Heaven Now For Real

    This God This Love For All of Existence DarK Thru LiGHT

    Yet Again This is How i See All of God DarK Thru LiGHT LoVE
    Thanks my Dear Loving Kind Young Woman FRiEnD Ruchi Coming

    From A Beautiful
    Tradition of Love

    Born in the Year
    of my Only
    Child and
    Son in 1997

    For Inspiring
    These Words
    Today And Haha
    We Had A Waitress
    Who Was an Indian
    Woman At A Restaurant
    Yesterday i Knew Where She
    Was From Before i Asked As

    She Was One of the Kindest Women i’ve Ever met…
    It’s True Tradition Counts A Whole Lot my FRiEnD

    Indeed MaKinG
    You into
    A Lovely

    FLoWeR For Real…
    Hopefully Avoiding THorns of Roses And
    All the Difficult Fertilizer to Color Love (GoD) For All With SMiLes

    Hehe Where i Live The Lowliest of Servants Handing Out Shoes For

    Bowling May




    Yet You See

    The Serving Never Ends
    For the Kind of Love As God i See And Breathe…
    Last Is Always First is Love Forevermorenow Lasting God…

    With SMiLes…

    Love (GoD) Un-limiting Free

    Always Worth A Great WorK iN MeMoRiaL mY FRiEnD..:)


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