Ek chutki sindoor

His fingers painted dawn
on the night of her scalp
Redness embellished her mid parted hairs
& a forever got written on their foreheads
The destiny sang
From the moment on…
His gaze will be her grace
Her smile will be his sustenance
His arms will be her waistband
Her heart will be his weapon
He will pair her strength
She will repair his weakness
She will be known by him
He will be owned by her
She will be his lady in love
He will be her partner for life
They will walk together
for eternity & beyond.

3 thoughts on “Ek chutki sindoor

  1. A Touch of Vermillion Red Indeed
    Dear Ruchi And i’m Interpreting Your

    Poem as A Celebration of Your Mother
    And Father’S ETernal Marriage Continuing On

    How Lovely When Stories Come True How Loyal


    Stays Real
    Is THere More
    To Dance And Sing
    Love Beyond Words Indeed..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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