Word & Punctuation

The world calls me caring
when I continue as a comma

The world calls me possessive
when I hang as an apostrophe

The world calls me decisive
when I stand as a full stop

The world calls me shy
when I wear an ellipsis

The world calls me wise
when I blink as a semicolon


People name me metaphor
when I make the replacement alluring

People name me simile
when beautifying a comparison becomes my passion

People name me oxymoron
when I join the east with the west

People name me personification
when I love to humanize anything & everything

People name me hyperbole
when I get adorned with exaggeration



7 thoughts on “Word & Punctuation

  1. SMiLes Dear Ruchi
    What Does Breeze
    Call Green Leaves in Spring

    What Does Wave
    Call Blue Ocean Waters In Summer

    What Does Fall Leaf Call
    Ground for Changing Coming Winter Soils

    What Does Winter Dance And Sing About
    Spring Summer Through Fall Again

    Indeed It All Dances

    And Sings

    or A Word At All

    Music of Nature
    Just Flowing With
    No Human Lessons

    Just Dancing Singing
    Free With SMiLes At Least
    That Is What Life Feels and Senses to me

    SMiLes Dear Ruchi Nice to Hear the Music
    of Your Soul Inspiring Song of Poetry Again..:)

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