Sky overhears everything

The sky overhears everything, Jenny.
Your midnight sobs for a spring
that passes by your windowpane too quickly shall not go unnoticed
and your early morning fears for autumn that invades your mind too often
shall not remain unheard.
The sky saves all your emotions in the chambers of clouds,
the emotions that swirl in your heart
to suffocate you with
stress, inadequacy, anger & anguish.

Sky sees your insecurity,
listens to your parading heartbeats

When holding your rejected resume,
you return home
and worthlessness welcome you
without a job and salary.

When denying your friends for a hangout,
you check your wallet
if you can now afford your college fee,
mother’s medicine, brother’s books.

When opening your lost lover’s letters
you read them for the umpteenth time
and your tears bloat there darker than ink
with wet memories of a weary heart.

When gulping the taunts and tantrums
for your plus weight, minus height and dark skin
you stand in front of the mirror
to gift yourself hatred a little more.

When shutting the bathroom door
you mix your running eyes with the shower
blaming yourself for your low score
in the course, you had no wish to get admitted.

When reminiscing your good old days,
you yearn to retrace your path to childhood
and a glance at the age marks of father’s face
shows you the direction of duty.

Your adult brain doesn’t let you
to say these things aloud
Because your timid heart fears the judgemental mouths of society
But your silence loudly tells the tale of your struggle,
that you think none can listen
Jenny, you don’t know that
the sky overhears everything
it echoes with all your unexpressed emotions.


7 thoughts on “Sky overhears everything

  1. SMiLes Dear Ruchi And This is What is Great
    About Poetry And A SonG oF SoUL EXPReSSinG

    It As Words Take Wings of Emotions All FoCuSinG

    On Page For Soul To Breathe Freer

    And Actually See

    Reflection of

    Open Sky Within

    True There is Vast Space
    to Explore And Even More Importantly
    All Emotions to Process Free To Fly

    iN LiGHT
    Lost Shadows
    in DarK Even Becoming
    FRiEnDS With DarK As TWiLiGHT
    Balancing Becomes Life Again Fresh…

    And For those Without The Ability to
    Read or Write So Many Other Arts Will Set our
    And Free

    Again Even
    A Free Dance
    With No Words At All

    Yet Feeling It Sensing
    It All Sky Open Free to Fly Again..:)

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    1. Agreed with you my dear friend. Sky never fails to listen to our sobs, to keep our secrets & to give us hope. If sky would be a person, it must have been as generous as you. Thank you the great youngman at 62 for leaving your soulful thoughts here❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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