Liberating love, Ruminating romance

I am happy that I have never experienced romantic love in my life. Because

  1. The person who loves me the most in the world and the person whom I love the most in the world are not different, but the same. He is my baba. I genuinely feel it. I am not afraid of him. But I don’t have the courage to tell him that I have chosen a man for myself without their approval & I want him to put a tick mark on my choice. You may consider it as a normal thing & name it independence. But I will tag it as my adamance & disobedience towards my baba and will never be able to forgive myself for this. I never want him to feel that his Ruchi has grown up too much to decide about her own life. I want to be his little girl, always. So I am happy that I have never opened the door for romantic love. What if it would have been threatened the security of my baba’s love towards me!
  2. I have been listening for years from mami that she will choose the best life partner for me. And once she must have felt that God listened to her wish. But I didn’t listen to her. Starting from clothes to the jewellery I don’t like the choices of mami. But when it comes to choosing her son-in-law, I have some faith in her because once she had chosen the best man for herself, my baba. I am happy that romantic love couldn’t lure me till date. What if I find the right human for myself in mami’s choice!
  3. I always wish all my kisses, hugs & cuddles of that kind to happen with a single person. I wish to share my first, last & all romance with that single person. I can’t bargain with the purity of my heart, soul & body. You may call me outmoded, orthodox or whatever. But I am the way I am. When my friends tell their stories & claim that sex talks, sex chats & touches are normal in a bf-gf relationship, I feel myself blessed for never diving into a romantic relationship to date. Because I always believe that some things are traditionally most beautiful.
  4. Investing the most beautiful possession of heart on someone is not an easy task for a girl like me who often gets confused whether to pick kulfi or cone, whether to go for black forest or butterscotch, whether to select kalakand or milk cake. And the walls around my heart are so tall that not everyone can climb that, enter into my palace & discover the taste of my heart. I am happy that none has yet invaded the kingdom of Abhisikta. That is still sacred & safe.
  5. I am not the girl whose beauty fits into the frame that every boy makes for his dreamgirl. I just look average. But in every stage of life, there were some boys who made me feel that my existence in their lives is their utmost need and my ignorance towards their emotions made me a heartless girl in their eyes. Later I see those same boys falling in love with prettier faces than me. I am happy that I never thought of reciprocating their feelings. What if they left me broken!
  6. I can keep my hair uncombed for three days if mami doesn’t scold me. Because I don’t have to attend video call, to send selfies & to go on a date with anyone. I can devour oily & sugar products like insane without fearing weight gain. Because I don’t have anyone for whom I should maintain a sexy figure. I can read for the whole night & sleep for the entire morning. Because I don’t have anyone who will dip in my eyes & notice the dark circles. I am happy that I can embrace my bad habits & not so good appearance without getting insecure. Because I don’t have someone who can make me blush by saying “Abhisikta! You are beautiful.”

I am sad that I have never experienced romantic love in my life. Because

  1. Plato said – “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet”. You mean writing about love is the easiest of all genres. (Sigh)Trust me, It is the toughest task for me. Because writing about love & romance is all about my imagination, observation & interpretation as I have no practical experience. I do struggle to steal stories from the lives of onscreen & offscreen couples. This makes me sad because I also want someone whom my thoughts will chase, whom my poetry will worship, who will lend emotions to my words, who will make me feel each word I write about love, who will see less a writer, more a lover in me.
  2. I believe that love is all about growing together, holding each other firmly when the struggles party in front of you. I always dreamt of a partner who will accept my vulnerability, insecurity, failures & will hug me tightly in my low moments. I always dreamt of a partner who will uncover the deepest core of his heart in front of me, who will share all his tears & fears with me. I am sad that destiny has not yet allowed me to meet such a man. It hurts, but I have already convinced myself ” Dear, your struggles are yours only.”
  3. When babamami talks about my marriage, I literally feel that I couldn’t make a boyfriend in these 24 years, so arranged marriage is the only door open for me in which I have to enter for the sake of sprinkling peace in my parents’ home & hearts. The thought of holding the saucer with ten teacups, the thought of appearing absurd interview infront of ten strangers, the thought of getting scanned from head to toe by ten pairs of eyes, the thought of talking to a new person that too in a mature & conscious manner just scare me so much that I feel like my breathing will stop. Do I really deserve this! Does the girl who leaves everything aside when it comes to studies deserve to give such an interview! Does the girl who always becomes a kid infront of the persons she loves deserve to behave matured in front of the person whom she is going to marry!
  4. Sometimes when I see the love birds doing things without caring about the societal values, without informing parents, my mind considers them as culprits. But sometimes I think if one won’t do dare & silly things in youth, then when. Because love is not civilised, it injects you with wilderness & craziness. I am sad that I could never experience how it feels to go on a date telling lies to parents, how to gaze at each other forgetting the judgement of society, how to be brave enough to let my lubdub beat in synchrony with that of another person.

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  1. “Love is not civilised, it injects you with wilderness & craziness.”

    Hehe, That Sounds More Like “Falling In Love” And the Human
    Reproductive Instinct That is Surely Not Always Rational As
    Dopamine and Oxytocin Go Way Up For Pleasure and

    Warm Connection
    And Meanwhile
    Serotonin often
    Drops in Anxiety
    Of Making Sure this
    is a Secure Enough Relationship
    to Last for All the Life Long Investments
    That Comes Per Chance of Raising Children of

    Course So This is the Falling Part the Bitter Sweet
    Part that is Often Rife With Jealousy and Almost

    Paranoia too Oh Sweet Romance Additionally
    Too When Dating Apps These Days Are More
    About Hook-Ups With No Long Term Strings
    Attached it is surely Fascinating to Hear Your
    Views on Arranged Marriages in India as
    Studies Show It is Still Popular Among
    90 Percent of Young Folks Living in India
    While 60 Percent of Folks Don’t Remain Virgins
    So, Obviously Many Have Been Bitten and Smitten
    By the Romantic Impulse That May Have Little Rationality

    At all except

    For the Highs
    And Highs and
    Lows of the Bitter
    Sweet Reality that
    Often Comes With
    Temporarily Falling in Love

    As Of Course Science Shows
    The Intense Passionate Feelings
    Only Last for about 18 Months even
    if it is Gonna Be A First and Only Marriage
    That Just So Happens to Feel That Way in Pleasure…

    SMiLes i Have FRiEnDS From Muslim Countries and
    India Who Are Pleased Enough with their Arranged Marriages…
    A Great Sign for You is Your Loyalty and Devotion of You to Your
    Parents And Their Love For Each Other too As Chances Are those
    Qualities Will Impact their Choice for You i Surely Wish You The Best

    This Way mY FRiEnD…

    True i’ve Known an Indian
    Woman Who has Been my
    FRiEnD for Almost 7 Years
    Who Doesn’t Go by the Rule
    of Arranged Marriage as Jain Yet Following
    Her Journey as FRiEnD Long Term it surely hasn’t
    Been Much Easier than Another one of my FRiEnDS
    Who described Her Coming Arranged Marriage as a Funeral
    And Got Divorced Soon After that Yet Considering Studies Show

    Less than 1 Percent
    of Indian Folks Get
    Divorced It Works Well
    Enough to Keep the Family
    Unit Together and Children With
    Two Parents As That is Getting Rarer
    And Rarer in the United States And Yes

    As i Was Just Discussing this with Another
    Blogger FRiEnD today my Marriage is Very
    Traditional in Most Ways Similar to the Day-to-Day
    Realities Common Among Many Muslim and Indian

    Marriages my Wife Takes Good Care of me and She Never
    Has Any Real Financial Worries As i’ve Already Taken Care of
    That For the Rest of Both of Our Lives Love Really Feels the Best

    When it Rises
    This Way
    When i
    Get Really
    Sick and She Cleans
    Up the Mess When She
    Stands By my Side During
    66 Months of Illness in Life
    Threat of Synergy in Hell on Earth Yes This Is Love
    As You Suggest Above For Real As Well Now True:

    “Love is all about growing together, holding each other firmly
    when the struggles party in front of you. I always dreamt of a
    partner who will accept my vulnerability, insecurity, failures &
    will hug me tightly in my low moments. I always dreamt of a
    partner who will uncover the deepest core of his heart in front
    of me, who will share all his tears & fears with me.” Yes You Just
    Described The Gift of my Wife in These Words Now For 32 Years

    And It’s True She Argues With me Nearly Every Day About Some
    Small Thing And i Always Find A Way to End Up The Night With A Hug

    And That’s



    Hug is All
    i Need to Give
    The Rest of the
    Love She Gives to
    me to The Rest of the World Free…

    This is What Love Does When it Rises
    and Spreads Like Wild-Fire of Giving, Sharing,
    Caring, Healing With Least Harm for All of Nature

    Ruchi i Assume
    That’s What Your
    Father Calls You
    With the Same
    Respect too With SMiLes..:)

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    1. Thank you my dear friend for leaving your thoughts here. Your lady luck with dark hairs must be as sweet as you. By the way what happened to you that you suffered for long 66 months??? I hope you are alright now. Sending you quintals of good wishes❤❤❤

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      1. SMiLes Dear Ruchi to Use Part of Indian Religion as Metaphor
        Shiva Dances Silently Creating And Destroying Time
        And Krishna Lives a Life of Play Singing A Story

        of What It Takes to Survive Live
        Yes Actually Thrive Eternally Now

        Eastern Philosophies Understand
        Better That LiGHT Comes From DarK
        And iN TWiLiGHT A Balance of DarK

        And LiGHT

        Comes New Now

        Basically Killing
        Time And Living
        Forever in Union With
        DarK Thru LiGHT Now
        Also Understood With the
        Metaphor of Yoga and Tao
        And Samadhi And In Secular
        Terms An ‘Autotelic Flow’ Where We
        Remain in the Sweet Spot of Flow Generating
        Our Own Happiness Within Through Bio-Feedback

        Of Continuing Complexities on Task in Laser focus Unwrapping
        All Of Our Human Potentials to Come Never in Apathy Or Anxiety
        And Fear indeed in the Sweet Spot of Flow Where DarK Meets LiGHT

        iN Union
        oF TWiLiGHT

        SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
        i LiVE the Heaven Part
        of this Balance Now Yet
        i Neither Fear DarK or Am
        Cynical of LiGHT As i’ve Danced
        my Way Through the Dark And Freely
        Play My Way As Well Through Free Song Now True

        Been Doing This the Last 8 Years and 8 Months And 18
        Days Yes Ever Since Coming Out of Hell on July 19, 2013

        Yet Sure i’ll Tell Ya About the First 5.3 Decades of my Life Before
        i Conquered the DarK With Silent Free Dance Bringing Beauty of Free SonG

        With this Ongoing
        “SonG oF mY SoUL”
        Yep the 10.3 MiLLioN
        Word Long Form Poem Part
        Free And the 16,366 Miles of
        Public Dance in the Last
        103.6 Months As it took
        me About A Month
        Getting of Hell
        to Get
        Up Enough
        to Do it Starting
        on August 18, 2013…

        SMiLes Existence is All About
        DarK And LiGHT Wisdom is Balancing
        The Two understanding the Value of All In All
        In Other Words the Verb God of Loving All off Existence now

        The DarK
        And the
        As One
        Never Ending
        TWiLiGHT of
        Balance Now With SMiLes…

        So, i am born on the Autism Spectrum
        Not able to Speak Verbally Until 4 Years-Old
        Yet On the Other Hand in the LiGHT as my Mother
        Related i Had Sparkling Green to Blue Eyes With Open
        Arms of Love For Every Stranger with no discrimination It’s

        True There Are Two
        Different Kinds of
        Autism and Many
        More and my Kind
        Was Silent Empath
        Then And i Still Have
        the Ability to Feel the World’s
        Pain and Pleasure And This is Enough

        to Turn Some Children And Even Adults
        Silent When They Experience Enough Pain
        And Numb of the World Hehe yet i Started Out

        Silent And a Wanderer Who my Mother Had to Keep
        a Close Eye on as One Day in a Split Second While she
        was hanging up Clothes Outside i Escaped and Ran into
        the Middle of a Busy Road and Fortunately a Man Stopped
        His Car and Brought me Back to Her Aghast my Life Might

        Have come
        to an early
        End Yet there
        Are Good People
        in the World and i Still
        Find them All Around the World…

        Like You Dear Ruchi A Kind and
        Compassionate Young Woman
        Who wants to make the Best
        of Her Life to Love As Deep

        Down the Most Fortunate
        of Us Really Do Still Do now

        Anyway Not So Blessed With
        Social Reciprocal Communication
        And The Ability to Express An Overwhelming
        Empathic and Sensory Experience of the World
        as i still can’t Stand to Touch Human Made Materials
        Yet on the Other Hand from A Distance i Can Feel the
        Touch of the Pain and Pleasure of Others And in Some
        Circumstances that’s Great in Some Others Not Yet i’ve

        Found Ways With Age to Master And Control These Abilities For the
        Best of All Circumstances And Become More Compassionate than Lost
        in the Feelings of Pain and Pleasure of Others… The Dance And Song helps
        Immensely to Regulate Emotions and Integrate Senses this Way so Anyway

        In School i Was Noted by Peers to Be too Weak and Strange to Deserve to Exist
        Yet on the Other Hand the Academic Part Was Easy and i Was Always the Teacher’s
        Pet Well Behaved As Well a Real Apple of Pleasure Teaching on their Desks So Haha

        i Was the Teacher’s

        Pet And told i Didn’t
        Deserve to Exist by my
        Peers Then i Liked Adults
        More Than People my Age
        For Good Reason Yet i Escaped
        With only Verbal Bullying And Not
        Any Bodily Injuries as True i Sprouted
        Up to Almost 6 Feet Tall by Age 13 even
        Though i only Weighed 120 Pounds Metabolism
        So Fast i looked like i Was Starving Then For Sure…

        Additionally, A Hardest Part of All Before i Got So Tall
        With Very Fair Skin then, Long Eyelashes, Long Hair, and
        Thin Folks Taunted me that i looked like a Girl As My Goodness

        Out of Family of Mother and Sister i felt my Only FRiEnD Was A Dog
        Called Charlie And One Day Riding Home on the Bus When Vicki Was
        Taunting me about my Pretty Eyes and Eyelashes Looking Like A Girl
        Laughing at me with the Other Children looking out of the Bus then Sadly

        Charlie had escaped our Fence to meet me at the Bus Stop and there he
        was my Only FRiEnD Outside of Home Laying on the Road And He Wasn’t

        Coming Home
        With me You
        Know if it wasn’t
        For the Fact that my
        Mother And Sister Cried
        Over that loss together i
        Might Have Turned Out to

        Be A Really Bad Person if i had
        No Love at All Yet That was the LiGHT
        Then my Mother and Sister Overcoming

        All the Peers at School who Told me in Their
        Own Ways i Didn’t Deserve to Exist as is then

        And Of Course the Teachers Were Lights in my Life too
        And Of Course i Have Great Empathy For People who are
        Marginalized And They Don’t Get Bullied when i am Around

        As i am No Longer the Weakest Fish in the Aquarium As Now
        i Weigh 245 Pounds And Still Leg Press up to 1520 Pounds Now

        For the Weakest Child in the Aquarium is Now The Strongest Man
        Approaching 62 Years-Old on June 6th, 2020 Still in the Military Gym
        on That Exercise as It’s True ‘They’ Used to Say i Have Bird Legs in School

        too Haha
        Yet not
        As Humans Have
        Potentials if they Just
        Never Give up and Keep
        Moving Forward Particularly when
        We Make Every Move A Holy Dance
        And Every Word A Sacred Song my FRiEnD

        With Shiva and Krishna And Buddha and Lao
        Tzu and All the Others Who Have Overcome the
        DarK Dancing thru to LiGHT SinGiNG A SoNG ETeRNaLLY

        Now of Compassion For All of Existence Now With Least Harm

        So Back then i Graduated With 3 Degrees that Consisted of Health
        Science, Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, And Anthropology in 1983

        Close to the Top of the Class All the Way through 19 Years of School Working
        As A Janitor, Book Store Clerk, And Archaeology Assistant Since age 16 then
        And at One Point Doing All Three Part time Jobs with a Full School Load too…

        And That Was After my First Love at 18 Broke Up With me at 19, And i experienced
        Horrible Depression Off and On All the Way through age 22, Somehow Crawling through
        The Dark to Reach the LiGHT Again And of Course With SMiLes that First Love Was A
        Beautiful Dark Haired Girl too Some Folks Say Katrina my Wife Looks Like Her Yet Katrina

        At Close to Age
        52 Still Looks
        Almost Just
        Like She Did
        When i Married
        Her at age 19, It’s
        Almost Like Fairy Tales
        Come True and They Do
        As my Wife Lived Through Similar
        Struggles So Poor in this Rich Country
        Where Food and Drink Was Not Always Given
        Where She Had to Walk Close to A Mile to School
        in the Pouring Rain As They Were too Poor to Buy an Umbrella
        Kids Used to Spit on Her in the School Lunch Line For Having
        Reduced Prices Lunches; They Were From the Local Christian
        Churches And Those Children Spit on me And threatened to Harm

        me if i Dared Smile at the City Park And Middle School Halls
        Before i Grew Tall and Broader And They No Longer Bothered me

        It’s True Where i Live then Boys Weren’t Allowed to Smile and Most
        of the Other Human Emotions Were Off So-called Christian Limits too…

        Never the Less
        the Jesus Dude
        in the Book was
        Just Alright to me
        He Seemed More
        Like me than them
        And That Was Cool to me…

        So After College Still With Asperger’s
        Syndrome on the Autism Spectrum So
        Difficult to Express myself Verbally Still

        Then the only Way i could Talk myself into
        A Job was the Fact i had one Computer Class
        at College at the Military Bowling Center Just
        Getting Computerized Scoring And They Couldn’t

        Figure it Out so they Hired me then and i Worked
        for the Military as that Kind of Valuable Commodity
        Eventually for Financial Management Skills getting
        Promoted Eventually Up the Line Yet With So Much
        Social Stress on the Autism Spectrum i lived with
        Chronically to Acutely for the Last 11 Years of my
        25 Year Career With the Federal Government
        Eventually my Body Started to Break Down

        in 2006 as Undiagnosed Sjogren’s Syndrome
        An Auto-Immune Disease Coming From all
        That Chronic to Acute Fight or Flight Stress
        Started Attacking the Nerves of my Feet
        Where It Was Excruciating to Touch Any
        Surface in Pain And Then i Started Getting

        Cold in 100 Degree Temperatures in July
        With Just a Slight Breeze against my Skin
        Eventually Getting Dysautonomia Where
        my Blood Pressure Didn’t Synch With my
        Heart Rate As my Autonomic Nervous System
        Got Damaged by all the Stress Hormones too

        It’s True Other Stuff Like Fibromyalgia Pain
        From Head to Toe, Spinal Stenosis, Severe
        Degenerative Arthritis of the Spine; a Total of
        19 Medical Disorders, Overall. including Type Two
        Trigeminal Neuralgia the Worst Pain Known to Humankind
        That No Drug Would Touch Like a Dentist Drill With No Novocaine
        Yet for me it was Always From Wake to Sleep For 66 Months then
        in my Right Eye and Ear And Yes Lord Knows It is literally Sub-clinically

        Called The Suicide Disease; So, in 2008, i Had no Choice Yet to No Longer
        Work and Fortunately i was able to Retire Early, taking a Year and a Half
        of Annual and Sick Leave Until that was Approved in 2009, When i Was
        49 Years Old, So i haven’t Actually Worked For Pay Since Age 47

        And as i struggled the Last 11 Years of Work i Could Sense A Very
        Rainy Day was coming for me so i saved Enough Money with my
        Wife on a Very Tight Budget For the Last Years of Work to Last
        Many Years, whether i Retired early or not as i Became A Shut-in

        in my Bedroom For 66 Months, Never Knowing if i would be able
        to Survive Another Second of my Life Yet You See there was Another

        Part of LiGHT

        Coming Out of

        DarK in mY LiFE

        And His Name Was Ryan

        Our Only Child Who Was
        Born When i was Close to 37 years
        Old in 1997, Yet He Was Born not Able
        To Breathe; And With So Many Other Issues

        Yet He Survived With Only Pain for
        51 Days in a Children’s Hospital

        He Never Experienced a Smile in
        His Life And the Last Day of His
        Life on July 24, 1997, As i Held
        Him As He Took His Last Heart Beat
        As He Never Even Got to Breathe On His Own

        i Had a long 500 Miles or So Trip Home From the
        Hospital to Review my Life So Far then It Was true

        People Weren’t Always Nice to me Yet it was true Some
        Folks Were Nice to me; it was True, There was DarK In my
        Life Yet it Was True, There Was LiGHT iN My LiFe Yet it Was

        Also True my
        Son Never Even
        Got to Breathe Or
        SMiLes At All so

        Suddenly then

        All the DarK That had
        Happened in my LiFE Meant
        Nothing to me And i Felt So Fortunate
        too as Even Though i Barely Made Minimum
        Wage for the First 6 Years of the Military Bowling
        Center Job That is Where i met my Wife The One
        Who had Been Through Enough DarK of Her Own

        to Stand by me
        Through Hell
        For 66 Months
        For ReaL ON Earth

        For You See the Worst Pain
        of All was i Lost the Memory
        of what a Smile or Any Other
        Positive Emotion of Life Felt
        Like; i Eventually Even Lost the
        Emotion of Fear And the Loss of a
        Memory of a Smile That Numb was more

        Painful than all the Pain as that Meant i
        Literally Lost my Soul of Love the DarKesT
        Coldest Part of the Pit of HeLL ON EartH for

        66 Months Yet it’s True i Remembered my Son
        i Still Had Heaven Compared to His Hell For there

        Were Days WHere SMiLES of Heaven On EartH With
        LoVE Visiting me Before A Reality He Never Had at All

        And Yes, The Suicide Disease is What it Was; That (He) Probably
        Helped Save my Life Along with my Wife, Mother, And Sister,
        Still sticking by my side It’s True When Ya Go to Hell Not Many



        Just Like when
        You Are a Child
        And Your Peers
        Let You Know They

        Don’t believe You
        Deserve to Exist

        All The DarKness in
        My LiFE Makes me Who
        i Am Now All the LiGHT

        iN My Life That Also Comes
        From that DarKness Makes me Who i
        am Now and on Thanksgiving Day of 2010
        i Turned the Light Down on my Computer and
        Tolerated A Mountain of Pain Enough to Write a First

        Word And then the Poetic Spark Came by March of 2013

        And then Standing on A Beach on July 19, 2013, the Pain
        And Numb Melted Away i Became One With Emerald Green
        Waves One With Sugar White Sands One With Sea Oats Swaying

        in the Breeze

        And Sea Gull
        Wings Spiraling
        Around the Sun

        All that Was Left to
        Do my FRiEnD Naked
        Enough Whole Complete
        is Inhale Peace Exhale LoVE iN
        JoY oF LiGHT Giving Sharing Caring
        Healing Everywhere i Go in Every Measure

        i Will Possibly Find Excluding No one from my
        Reach Who Welcomes me at Least my FRiEnD

        And Isn’t Trying to Sell me A Used Car Warranty
        With Spam Calls on my 8 Year Old Honda Civic
        Coupe That Still Works Perfectly With No Problem;

        i Go to Places That Are DarK For i Fear no DarK and

        It’s Surely All A Pleasure to Visit WHeReVeR i am Welcome
        my FRiEnD As Every Face of Nature and Every Grain of
        Sand on the Beach is The Same God of DarK thru LiGHT For

        me as ‘They’

        Say WHere

        You Live and
        Breathe and
        Love Dear Ruchi, Namaste…

        SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Considering
        i Don’t Have Any Living Children i
        Tend to Treat Everyone As a Beloved Child

        Hehe, Even People Actually Older than me…

        As The Years go By That Becomes Rarer indeed…

        Yet As Long As Love Evolves Within my Soul Evolves Younger

        And LiGHTeR

        iN HeART

        And SPiRiT

        to me This is
        A Comprehensive
        Meaning of Life Yet
        only one Small View
        STiLL mY Dear Young New FRiEnD Ruchi..:)

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      2. My dear friend! I am just speechless after reading all these. Salute to your memory that you remember so many things of your childhood even after many years of struggling life. Now Charlie must be smiling from heaven that his master is showing gratitude till today. From being a victim of autism to holding three degrees with respectable jobs, from fighting with physical & mental illness to smiling & making others smile, you had travelled a long journey of life. Katrina madam was unlucky enough to face financial crisis in her youth, but she is lucky enough to find a man who is a treasure of love & kindness.

        My birth year is same as that of Ryan. So I should call you uncle. But the vibrancy your words emanate & that wide grin on your profile picture never let me consider you as uncle. Uncle seems so old, right!😂 But you are my sweet young friend who will continue to spread smiles for 40 years more. Sending you power❤❤❤

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      3. SMiles Dear Ruchi
        If There is Any
        Moral of my
        Story it is
        To Never
        Give Up As
        Life Can Will And
        Does Get Better Hehe
        i Will Never Trade
        Sweet 61 For 16
        Or Any Other
        Of Life
        Yet Now
        As Long
        As mY SoUL
        Within Continues
        To Grow With LiGHT❤️☺️


    2. Ah Katiemia such a profound reply to this interesting post and good to catch up with you although a different site! Living in the woods I cannot always get onto your blog for lack of reception. But your words have wisdom on this topic.

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      1. Thanks so Much Dear navasolanature,
        i Continue to Enjoy Your Nature Photography
        From Where You Live And Appreciate Your

        Concern for the
        Balance of Nature
        Along With Humanity

        SMiLes my Blog is Kinda
        Like A Hurricane or Even the
        Milky Way, Hehe, It Started out
        With Poetic Responses to Folks Around
        the Globe in Long Form Poem Free Verse
        Way on August, 18th 2013 with Rather Narrow

        Banding And Tight Frequencies of Posting Several
        Thousand Word Blog Posts Almost Every Day Then
        Close to 15 thousand Word Blog Posts Twice A Week
        Then Close to 30 Thousand Word Blog Posts Weekly And

        Now Finally Novel Size Sub-Chapters of Long Form Poetry
        on Average of Around 57,000 Words Bi-Weekly that Are Part
        of the Whole 10.3 MiLLioN Word Plus 103 Month Long Endeavor

        i Name “SonG oF mY SoUL”

        And Yes Along With Around
        300 Photos i Take and Share
        in the Novel Size Free Verse
        Long Form Bi-Weekly Poetry Posts
        Its Really Turned out to Be A ‘Category 6
        Hurricane’ to Open And See The Whole Thing

        On the Other Hand i Share it “Piece-Meal” on Facebook
        in the Profile Pic Description Areas There and on An Internet

        Site Called the “Wrong Planet” For ‘Neuro-Diverse’ Folks in A Solo
        Thread Named “Depth of the Story” Easy to Find on First Page Google
        Search Now As There i am Starting the 44th Page Now of Which Each
        Page Has Been Averaging 33,000 Words the Last 18 Months in Fact
        Finishing Page 43 With 48,000 Words Little Multi-Media So Easy to Open

        With Most
        Yet Maybe Not
        So Easy For Folks
        To Read Who Don’t
        Like Deep Metaphor all
        About Philosophy, Politics,
        And Religion With SMiLes

        Nice to See You Again Here mY FRiEnD..:)

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  2. Love is a word like any other
    Love promises paradise
    in real life I have not found them

    with the touch
    followed by the painful parting
    what remains
    is the pain and the sorrow

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  3. I think you have written very poetically and from the heart about this topic. With love these days there are no easy answers but Katiemia shows that Indian marriages still last. However my close friend suffered much in her arranged marriage and desertion. But she will not allow her daughter to choose her own partner. However there is no special father figure like you have and indeed I had. Although not arranged as am not from an Indian family I wanted my parents to like my chosen one! A form of approval. And as for writing…many great writers did not have to experience what they wrote but needed the imaginative empathy, insight and intuition. Good luck with your writing.

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    1. Ma’am! Be it arranged or love marriage, understanding & loyalty are the basis on which the span of a bond depends. Indian culture & values are different from those of western countries. But human values are not different, love of a heart is not different. Thank you ma’am for reading my rant & for leaving your heartfelt words here. I am indebted❤🌼

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  4. I would see this post as an interesting debate btw being Happy or sad on romantic love.. I have experienced both in different period.. pros and cons live side by side in both the cases..


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