A world without books

A world without books
will look like a mountain
engraved with ignorance
that can not be wiped away
how much everyone tries

A world without books
will look like an ocean
washing away all the knowledge
to dip those in an unfathomable abyss
to evaporate those into oblivion

A world without books
will look like the sky draped
with the dark attire of illiteracy
without the stars of ideas
without the moon of intelligence

A world without books
will look like a deserted forest
from where arts & literature
have become extinct &
science and technology
hide like vulnerable species

A world without books
will look like a library fossilized
a printing press buried
a generation unrecognised
a civilisation forgotten
a vehicle of wisdom broken
a mining of talents hidden
a shrine of education abandoned
a flight of development crashed.


14 thoughts on “A world without books

  1. Hehe, SMiLes Even Though i’ve Written
    10.3 MiLLioN Words in the Last 103 Months
    in Free Verse Poetry in Poetic Responses Just
    Like This to Lovely People Around the World Just

    Like You Dear ruchiabhisikta It’s Also True in that
    Span of Months i’ve Also Danced 16,353 Miles in

    Public Freely in Flow As i Find Silence of Dance
    Meditating Contemplating in Autotelic Flow Brings

    Beauty of Song

    More Whether

    Written or

    In Oral Tradition Still
    To Come Newly Dear FRiEnD

    So What Would A World Without Books
    Be, Perhaps Some of Us Would Dance And
    Sing More Freely With Each Other New Dances
    And Songs Each Day For There is A Danger

    With Books Making Tradition Like Caves
    Never Changing too Where Women May

    Be Regarded As Second Place to Even
    Relate Deepest Spiritual Meanings of

    Life Full Of HeART Filled SoUL
    Yet Never the Less Hehe Who

    Am i Too Judge After All

    That’s The Equivalent
    of 240 Novel Sized Poetry
    Books i Give Away Free Yet i am Still
    So Far Behind As in the Last 103 Months
    Almost Each And Every Sunday i’ve Read
    An Entire Book Free at Barnes and Noble
    Listening to Meditative Music Dancing in Flow
    While Reading too True i Love to Read i Love to Write

    Yet It Will Long Be Before i Catch Up in Giving Back Over the 400 Books

    i’ve Read at Barnes and Noble Totally Free Only Entertaining the Star
    Bucks Crowd of Students Sitting Still Consuming Data All Afternoon Long

    Yet i Love To Dance Even More to See Human Eyes GLoWinG And Free
    Yes Books Are Great As Long as We Don’t Forget To Move Connect Co-Create
    Beautiful Dancing And Singing in Poetry and Other Arts As You Have Done With

    This Poem HeaR Today…

    Yes It’s True It’s Better than
    A Box of Chocolates Now
    Yet It’s Kinda Like a Box
    of Mixed Chocolates too
    As ‘Forrest Gump’ Told His
    New FRiEnD too at A Bus Stop
    Too While She Was Reading a
    Magazine, “Life is Like A Box
    of Chocolates, You Never
    Know What Flavor
    You Will Bite
    Into Next”
    i May Have
    Paraphrased it
    A Bit Differently Quoting it
    As Such Yet That is Always Why
    i Love to Visit Your Creativity and Get
    Excited When i See A Notification From
    “Half earth, half sky,” ruchiabhisikta Is Still
    Coloring Her Creativity Freshly A New Child
    of Creativity in Your Words Birthed On Earth
    As You Create All Your Words Loving NeW iN Free Poetry…

    My Only Advice Next When You Become A Computer Scientist,
    Or an Accountant, Or an Engineer, Or Dutiful Wife And Mother Yes
    Please Continue to Breathe in Your Creativity Never Stop Living New…

    i Lost My Ability the Gift to Do it From ages 13 Thru 53 Just Imagine
    How Many Words And What i Would Be Writing Now if Not For those
    40 Years in a Desert Without Creativity Yet’s It’s True All that Darkness

    From 40

    Years Inspires
    ALL This mY FRiEnD
    Yes Every Experience
    in Life Makes Us Who We
    Are This Miracle This Gift New Now…

    i Regret No Darkness or Mistakes in my Life
    That Makes “A Day in the Life” Of me Real New Now True too..:)

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    1. I won’t say thanks this time. Because it will be an insult to the bigggg heart you possess. Keep my gratitude dear friend❤️You are no more a guest for my comment box who should be treated with formality. Your time for reading my posts & leaving your thoughts on them has made be indebted🥺

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  2. Having read this I thought it was very enlightening. I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this informative article together. I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!😀 🤠 2022-07-09 12h 09min


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