Dear (Pseudo)feminist

Dear (Pseudo)feminist,

Realizing your busy schedule of last week, my ink suppressed its desire to flow and the postcard preferred to remain empty. But today I can’t control the progenies of my mind, my thoughts from interacting with those of yours. Hope that today you must be less busy than last Tuesday, March 8. Although likes and comments must be still flooding on your posts of celebration of International women’s day. I know my words will give you a bitter taste and you may start to puke from the beginning without gulping the whole content till the end.
Before telling you anything, I want to confirm that I too am a female and not an anti-feminist. I have also seen and experienced the struggle of a woman’s life. But I feel there is torque in the viewpoint regarding feminism, so mine differs from that of yours. You consider feminism as the right of women to do anything and everything like that of men. Okay, I agree. But don’t you misuse freedom in the name of feminism?
You want to booze, smoke & cuss in public just because some men do & you claim equal rights. But don’t you think you have the ability to use your time, money & thoughts to inspire many women & to bring men back from the track of vices? You attend Saturday night parties saying “mah life, mah choice”. But have you ever planned a grand lunch on Sunday for the whole family or best of friends?
You may name half-naked outfit as fashion. But you can feel how pleasantly your skin will love to be draped in decent attire. Feminism can also breathe even when your skin is not naked. But your feminism gets suffocated when ten male eyes stare at your over-rated fashion. Don’t you choose suffocation over free breathing on your own just to fit yourself into the frame of “hot”, “sexy”, “curvy”?
What is the need to over publicize that you bleed, bear pain every month? Rather you should feel proud that you are capable enough to fight like a warrior although injured physically and psychologically. Accepting nature’s design & coping with it is a much better way than complaining & seeking sympathy when it comes to menstruation days.
Instead of holding placards “Save girl child” “Stop domestic violence”, it will make sense if you do some small help for such forsaken females. What is the meaning of spending thousands on rallies, posting those pictures on social media & using a hundred hashtags when you stay mum seeing such heinous crime in your surrounding?
I have witnessed many girls who flirt with boys one after another. There are still wives who behave brutally with their in-laws. Even they don’t step back to claim as victims of #metoo for no valid reason that too doing wrong themselves. If emotions define women, how do some women mark their victory in dumping others?
Womanhood and feminism are your wings, dear women. Use them to fly high in the sky of development along with men, don’t use your wings to make men feel low.
Celebrate 8th March as Women’s day, but march on the path of morality, each day.
You may call my words the rant of an old school girl or age-old granny. I don’t mind.

Yours not so dear
A humanist


16 thoughts on “Dear (Pseudo)feminist

  1. SMiLes Dear ruchiabhisikta
    ‘They’ Say THere iS A War
    Between Man And

    Woman Now

    Yet i Personally

    Haven’t Witnessed
    This War As i practice
    Human Kind in my Life With

    SMiLes Without Relation to
    Categories and Labels of Being

    However it’s True my Human Kind
    Is Not Always Welcome As For Some

    Folks THere
    to Be

    Any Room
    For Kind Left Now
    In THeir Lives And
    To me That’s Sad
    As Kind is
    A Real
    of Happiness
    Within WHere Give
    Becomes Receive
    And The Feeling And
    Sense Within is What’s Real

    Regardless of How That Love
    is Clothed or Hidden Away mY FRiEnD..:)


      1. Not Sure How You
        Experience Your
        Smiles Yet Mine
        Are Filled With
        Real Feelings of
        Confidence And
        Love And Almost
        Always Women At
        Least Interpret my

        Filled Feelings
        Appropriately Correct😊


      2. In real war
        and in the war between man and woman
        there is no laughing matter for the victim

        But; what you have not personally witnessed
        this horror while watching her smile unrelated to
        Practice categories and designations of being
        to people in their own experiences in their lives

        But it is true,
        their essence is of indivisible dignity
        even if for some you are not always welcome

        We, the other people are there
        even if we don’t appear before their eyes

        your view
        as an interpretation
        from any room
        in U.S
        for left now
        In our life
        her way of being sad about us
        us the feeling
        as a real leader
        us within by her gift of happiness
        received from us
        give the inner feeling
        this is what should be real for us

        You are not sure like me
        experience my reality in my subjective moment

        They smile because they
        the truth of the emotional world
        of all people on earth are
        they are the only ones filled
        with the authenticity of the feelings
        of trust and love
        and almost always women they
        at least your wife will interpret you that way

        You smile of your filled feelings
        reasonably correct around the world

        Independently of
        (love is just a word)
        what love clothes or hides

        Smile like it seems to have potential
        too many of those kinds


      3. Dude, i’ve Worked
        For The Military for
        A Quarter of A Century
        And Have Heard Many
        Stories of Horrible Abuse By Women
        i’ve Known…

        You Have No
        Idea How i Feel
        Or What i’ve Been

        Through in
        my Life Nor

        Do i Of You…

        Let’s Leave
        It At That Please…

        Meanwhile i’m
        Gonna Keep Smiling
        And Some People

        Will Return That
        Much of Human Reality…


      4. I’m not your “dude”

        that’s right
        i can another
        his mind
        don’t know his emotional world

        You are allowed to go
        wherever you want
        I won’t hold you back

        like her laugh
        for your friends
        be a blessing

        every person
        lives its own reality

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  2. You just said it. Nowadays, many females are misusing feminism and when someone counters them, they declare him or her orthodox or old-fashioned. Many men are implicated in false dowry cases, rape cases, molestation cases, etc by women. It ruins their and their family’s entire lives. Many women start playing the victim even when they are wrong and use feminism as their defense system.

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      1. i give answer
        on the
        what you have to say to us

        I don’t stop anyone
        to put his feelings into words

        i have no lesson
        of infallibility to represent

        for your thoughts
        your conviction
        there are no arguments against it


  3. This says much about your integrity, sense of self, and willingness to be real. For me, I would rather live my life experiencing clarity in ignorance, than feign knowing something because some authority and/or famous person said so and it’s popular with others. I support the movement; I don’t support the dogma or double standards often presented. Thank you for this!

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