Some inflame bloody riots on my name
Some freeze their comfort to guard my honour

Some debate against me for interference in the autonomy of a place
Some unite their day and night to add chapters to my untold glory

Some paint their bodies with the hues of mine to evince the so-called patriotism
Some drench me with tears in reminiscence of their dead sons, husbands and fathers

For two days in a year, you see me everywhere fluttering freely under the sky
For the rest days, I witness you all from the chocked drain and garbage dumps
I feel ashamed when such things happen to me as if I am a mere caricature.
Don’t you recognize me yet!
I am the emblem of your independence, the symbol of your country
I am the one whom you call tricolour 🇮🇳

Jai Hind!

5 thoughts on “Tricolour

  1. SMiLes Dear ruchiabhisikta Happy
    Indian Republic Day to You And It’s

    True Many Flags Around the World

    Are Struggling to Survive It’s

    True There is No Guarantee

    of Freedoms Won Before
    Or More Perfect Unions to Come

    The Flag of A Country is Only As Great
    As Independent And Free People Supporting

    All Of Each Other This Way Yet So Hard When
    Folks Come To Speak Different Languages of Culture

    In So Many

    Separate Ways

    And the Larger The Country
    And The More The Freedom Ironically
    May Separate A Country’s Peoples Even More

    Indeed a Conundrum Freedom May Come to
    Bind Or Unravel As Threads Come Loose From Flags..:)

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  2. True patriotism is more than symbolism. If a person who works honestly and sincerely and helps others is more patriotic than those who do drama of patriotism by talking big, but do nothing.

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