Neele neele ambar

“Neele neele ambar” is the song that blesses my heart with wings & makes it fly in neele neele ambar. It doesn’t matter whether it is midnight or morning, whether it’s chaos or solitude, whether it’s work or leisure, this song always brings a smile to my face. My forever single mindset gets buried & the spirit of a hopeless romantic occupies me. This is so addictive that a tint of boredom doesn’t touch me even when I listen to this song in a loop for the umpteenth time.

//Neele-neele ambar par, chand jab aye
Pyaar barsaye, humko tarsaaye
Aisa koi saathi ho, aisa koi premi ho
Pyaas dil ki bujha jaye //

By staring at the starry sky for hours and by sharing all my secrets with the moon, I always feel so ethereal. Being single all my life, I have never experienced how romantic love feels like. But when I look at the moon, I wish someone sitting with me who can love the moon in the way I do, who can embrace all my insecurities in the way the moon does. I don’t know what to name this feeling. Desperation or expectation! All I know is moon always showers me with the belief that the feelings I have saved all these years are valid & the fidelity I have watered throughout my life is not futile. Moon made me believe that there must be someone somewhere who can understand the thirst of my heart without my utterance & will pour all his love on it without any complaint.

//Unche-unche parvat jab choomte hain ambar ko
Pyaasa pyaasa ambar jab choomta hai sagar ko
Pyaar se kasne ko, baahon mein basne ko
Dil mera lalchaaye, koi toh aa jaye //

Love is not about moving mountains or swimming in the sea. It’s all about those little efforts you do to fit into each other’s idea of love. In fact, love is a weird thing. Sometimes it pushes you to improve yourself from better to the best just the way tall mountains heighten themselves to kiss the sky. And sometimes it compels you to lower your crown just the way thirsty sky bows down to lick the sea. I don’t know how romance happens in a closed room. But my idea of romance is to make love with that special someone with mountains hiding us from behind, with sky blushing at us & with sea drenching our feet. That love which will make me feel the safest in his arms. That love which will make my head rest on his chest with my parading heartbeats. That love which will make me listen to his lub-dub in the rhythm of mine. That love which will make me long for more & more.

//Thande-thande jhonke jab baalon ko sehlaayein
Tapti-tapti kirne jab gaalon ko chhoo jayein
Saanson ki garmi ko, haanthon ki narmi ko
Mera mann tarsaye, koi toh choo jaye //

While standing on the terrace in chilly weather, while sitting in the window-side seat in the train, while walking on a seashore, all I want to do with my hairs is to give them freedom from the cage of braid so that they can play with the wind. But how it would have felt if someone is there to remove the tresses from my face & to tuck them in my ears just to gaze at me competing with the sunrays to make me blush! When you have your lover by your side, you can feel the warmth of his breath even in a cool zephyr. And you can feel a shiver in your spine on a sunny day. That moment, your heart will tell you to fit your fingers into that of his. And you will realize how holding the hand of your beloved is the most beautiful & purest form of love, yet so much underrated.

//Chham-chham karta saavan boondon ke baan chalaye
Satrangi barsaaton mein jab tan-mann bheega jaye
Pyaar mein nahaane ko, doob hi jaane ko
Dil mera tadpaye, khwaab jaga jaye //

When the pregnant clouds let go of their heaviness, it rains. It rains till those chham- chham, rim-jhim, pitter-patter, tupur-tupur calm down your roaring conscience. It rains until your heart & soul get wet, until your maturity melts, until the kiddish version of you get exposed. That version of you which wants to pull your partner out of the house to jump in the muddy rills, to see the joint reflection of both of you in the puddle, to paddle paper boats & to dance in rain holding his hand. You feel like the monsoon is the season of love meant to make you drown in love, deeper & deeper.

These feelings are not only about me or you. Because I know this song is the happy song not only for me and you. But also for all those people who claim themselves single, yet hum this song unconsciously imagining their special humans by their sides with whom they want to experience Kerala ki garmi & Nainital ki sardi.
I wish aisa koi saathi ho aisa koi premi ho mere liye bhi😝
🎵Laalaalaalaa laalaalaalaa
Wwaainneaakkaaa wwaainneaakkaaa🎵

Listen to Neele Neele Ambar Par | Sanam by SANAM on #SoundCloud

18 thoughts on “Neele neele ambar

  1. SMiLes Dear ruchiabhisikta
    Pining Away a Soul Song to

    Moon Romancing Your HeART
    in Dreams Your Spirit Sings So Beautifully Indeed

    And Life is Funny This Way For We Will Have The Most
    Beautiful Sublime Feelings of Love When We Are Solo

    And Single


    Within Coloring
    The World With Unrequited Love

    Yes There is A Story From Florida
    About An Old Man Who Really Built
    An Amazing “Coral Castle” all Alone

    With 30 Ton Stones True Hehe you Can
    Google the Story to Read About it too

    This Old Man Built An Altar To What
    He Called the Muse of His Sweet
    Sixteen Unrequited Love From

    His Youthful Days As He

    Understood it was Just

    A Dream Never to
    Be Fulfilled Still then
    He used the Beautiful

    Inspiration of the Muse
    of the Altar of His Sweet
    Sixteen All Those Years to
    Build That Amazing Coral Castle in
    Florida Then As there Were Folk Tales
    in the Area that he Lifted the Huge Stones With
    Big Helium Balloons Yet Likely He Used the Same
    Techniques of Engineering Balance That The Egyptians
    Used to Move the Huge Stones of the Pyramids then as

    It is so True Life

    Is All About Balance
    mY FRiEnD As i Didn’t
    Get Married Until 29 When
    my Wife Was Sweet 19 With SMiLes

    And All Those Lonely Years Before Even
    in Childhood i Dreamed of Meeting A Dark Haired
    Girl Just Like my Wife Who Seems to Rarely Even Age
    at all now Still at Almost Age 52 And Yes, Yes, The Photos Don’t
    Lie Still Now


    32 Years
    of Marriage
    Anyway i Was
    Bullied A Whole lot
    in School As A Strangest
    Weakest Fish in the Aquarium
    Then so i Dreamed my Dark Haired
    Girl Friend and me Would Live in A Cave
    And No One Would Bully me Ever Anymore

    True i Really Did have to Get Just About as
    Strong As ‘Superman’ to Even Be A Boy Who
    Was Allowed to Smile As Sadly the Folks Who Called
    Themselves Christians Would Call Boys Who Smiled
    Names And Spit on them For They Felt They Should Become

    Men Without
    Empathy to
    Go to War

    And Kill Other
    Folks From Other
    Countries With No Regret
    As Those Were War Days then my FRiEnD
    And True my First Cousin Believed in the ‘Grift’
    of Vietnam Signed Up And got Burned Up And
    Dead in A Helicopter in 1969 i am Old Enough Now

    to Understand

    The Difference

    Between Life

    And Death

    Yes A Pay Grade of Love
    Yes A Pay Rate of Love

    Yes a Currency of Love
    Inhaling Peace


    Love in Warmth With the
    World Where Love Spells God For Real…

    Love is When You Get Sick and Your Wife
    Cleans The Floor From What’s Left Behind

    Love’s When Your Wife Gets Mad And Even
    Strikes Out At You And You Only Respond Back With Love

    Love is
    Yes Dear

    When All Ya Wanna
    Say is No mY FRiEnD

    And No While Sex is an Expression
    of Love What You Always Remember

    Most is the Warmth You Feel When Your
    Loved One Becomes Home Even Before You Arrive Home my FRiEnD

    Love is Real Worth Seeking Finding And Always Keeping mY FRiEnD
    my Wife Didn’t Go to College All She Really Prepared to Do in Life is Love me…

    And Yes Watch

    Movies Still on TV

    A Loving HeART Will
    Seek Warmth in All Places Love Plays

    SMiLes We Live Close to one of the Most
    Beautiful Beaches in The World That i used
    to Walk Solo Falling in Love With So Many Romantic
    Dreams that Didn’t Come until Decades Later Yet They Did…

    Yet They Do
    i Never Gave Up…

    i Believe the Most Important
    Lesson is The Greatest Love
    We Create Are The Dreams We Bring to Fruition Real

    Even if it is only Unrequited Love That Builds Castles For Others
    to See That Love Creates Real Magic in Life Wonders Never Ceasing

    As the Moon
    Still Lights
    Couples Up
    on the Beach
    Lasting Eternally Now For Real…

    What A Gift it is to Find Diamonds
    Still on the Beach in this World Indeed..:)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey my sweet friend! Thanks is an underrated word to convey my gratitude to you. I am so happy that you shared your words of wisdom & warmth here. And say my hello to that dark haired lucky girl❤️🙏

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SMiles Dear ruchiabhiskta
        Your Poetry So Warm And
        Very Touching too my

        FRiEnD As Stories And
        Fairy Tales That Come

        Real Tell i Was Such
        A Poor Man in Money
        When i Met my Wife
        Too Beautiful For A
        Man in my Place in

        Society All i
        Could Offer
        Her is Enough
        Love For Her to
        Stay Young Forever

        SMiles Funny Little
        Synchronicities As
        People Who Have
        Been Nice To me

        In Life often Do
        meet The Same
        Fate Yet You See
        Kindness Attracts
        Kindness And is

        The Real Fountain
        Of Youth And Soul
        Still Breathing my

        Wife Said Thanks
        For Calling Her A
        Lucky Dark Haired

        Girl True Kind People
        Are Most Blessed Of All

        If my Wife Katrina or Sister
        Sees An Ugly Toad on

        The Road
        They Move it
        To Safety And Make

        A Prince
        With A Real
        Kiss of Kindness
        Same As my Mother
        Did indeed They are

        my Wings Kind FRiEnD

        And Today You Are Too…
        🐸 ☺️🙏❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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