Bury me

The things I want to be buried with-

1. A bucketful satisfaction with my lungs respiring in another’s body, my kidney gifting new life to a nephropathic & my eyes holding the hope of a blind. My donated organs will be a real tribute to my dead body.

2. A glitter garnished graffiti of my real smile that once shined on my face in reflection when I offered someone a bunch of happiness.

3. A big box made up of degradable material holding all my guilts unexpressed, all my regrets unshown, all my tears dried, all my wishes unfulfilled, all my apologies rejected & all my trust shattered. They will degrade without being humiliated by the harsh world.

4. The papercut that I kept as the souvenir of my lost faith, those yellow papers where I stitched the pieces of my heart.

5. My diaries with the stories I ended indecisively and the poetries I left incomplete.

6. A handful of seeds of marigolds. I will grow, flower. You will smile & pluck. I will hang as your love in the neck of your sweetheart & I will remain as your prayer in the feet of your God.

7. My lifeless body carrying the last touches of compassion & blessing from the people who will forever carry my death as a void in their lives.

5 thoughts on “Bury me

  1. To Fertilize The World
    While Living

    And Dying

    This Does

    Seem to Be

    Nature’s Way
    Continuing to Breathe

    Here or

    A Leaf

    Is Soil

    For Spring Greening
    Through Winter Feeding

    Summer Flowers Smiling
    Again After Winter Springs Life to See

    SMiLes Dear ruchiabhisikta True Dying

    Living too..:)

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