Panorama of professions

is a doctor
who snatches away
a patient from
the jaws of death

is a police
who creates conciliation
in the society
by controlling crimes

is the photographer
who observes beauty
in persons, places & things
that others can’t see

is an administrator
who pacifies
the enraged public
with a smile

is a social worker
who carry the heavy weight
of responsibility
on shoulder of little authority

is a journalist
who amass news
being sun-baked sometimes
being rain-soaked sometimes

is a dancer
who fix the gazes
of spectators
with her fast-changing postures

is a priest
who connects one’s soul
with the divinity
by pouring sanctity

is a farmer
who fills millions of stomaches
by toiling restlessly
without expecting any appreciation

is a lawyer
who shows everyone
the power of truth
by giving justice to victims

is a teacher
who holds a special place
in students’ hearts
by showing the right path

is a writer
who touches million hearts
by offering wings
to her thoughts

is a politician
who heartily works
for the needy
embracing all the criticism

is a scientist
who invests her brain
without any selfish motive
for the upliftment of mankind

is an engineer
who makes life easy
by creating devices & roads
rockets & robots

is a painter
who wholeheartedly worships
the power of colours
with his brush & canvas

is a chef
who fabricates magic
in his hand
& pleases many tastebuds

is a driver
who stays cautious all time
to leave you
at your destination

is a sportsman
who knows
to jump & run
after falling & losing

is a mechanic
who donates new lives
to broken fans, fused bulbs
choked taps & damaged cars

is a weaver
who knits patterns & designs
with mere thread
to convert into gorgeous garments

is a soldier
who never cringes
to fight for the motherland
at the cost of life

is an entrepreneur
who sees the opportunity
in anything & everything
& works without halt

is a nurse
who takes care of patients
like they belong
to her own blood

is a labourer
who sells his sweat daily
to nurture
his hungry family

is an actor
who makes the audience
feel, laugh & weep
with his lively skills

4 thoughts on “Panorama of professions

    1. Hii Kichiki! I think you are a pardesi, but not a stranger to me. And don’t consider me as a laureate writer. I am a meagre human who teases you, beats you, pinches you, sits with you & sees you as a genius giraffe😂
      I am glad that you got to know some words from this post. I am also sorry if you had to use google to get meaning of some words. I just tried a A-Z goghyoka(5 line stanza poetry). Thatswhy I had to use some tough vocab to fit into that form. In fact, I also exercised a lot to write this.
      I’m honoured to have your presence in my little land🙏😌


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