PHM Days

//•••This ELP on PHM was a song that all of us listened, that all of us will sing. Writing this won’t be enough.•••//

A place where the desks, benches and stools turned into slabs to cook recipes, to contain utensils. The recipes not meant to expand own belly, but to raise the sale. Utensils not bought with excitement, but borrowed from hostels with a heavy heart. No exhaust fans to escape the smoke away, but widely open windows to let the fresh air in. No shining racks to look after, no coloured walls to get attracted but where the surrounding was filled with either fossilized insects or dead pieces of machinery. That’s how our workplace was. That’s where we managed ourselves as restaurant workers, that’s where we reign as the rulers of our phm palace.

The place which used to spring up activeness with the raining rapidity of Snehal and seemed to be hibernating in absence of bright photo clicks by him. The place that got the chance to be perfectly furnished with the branded final touch of Manisha. The place which got blessed with the parenting nature and flourishing grin of Archita. The place which became a mute spectator to the cute fight between Archita & Manisha.
The place that told the toiling story of a culinary illiterate like Tanisha and wrote poetry praising her attempts & learning. The place that became a postbox where Rakhi used to post the letters of madam & sir and mastered the art to pack our effort with love. The place that got the honour to worship Maa Saraswati with coconut ladoo because of the heartfelt help of Subhashree and breathed the breeze of her positive attitude. The place that elevated the suitability of Suman less as a phm student, more as the bride of her special one and reverberated with her sweet sambalpuri talks. 
The place which used to rest sometimes to camouflage the longer rest period of Pratibha and got energized with her tenacity. The place that flowed with the tears and anger of Upama and smelt like a pickle with the aroma of her garden. The place which felt like a challenging, yet exploring journey for the entire ELP period, a journey too hard to forget, too exhilarating to reminisce.


Some incident in life feels like a blessing at a time & later it feels like a curse.

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