Itni shakti hume dena data

Somedays I want to fall in love with someone & wish to be loved back by that someone. Those days romantic songs give me a tingling sensation. Somedays my lacrymal glands, eardrums & heart want to work synchronously. Those days sad melodies on a loop don’t feel boring. Somedays I want to climb cloud nine. Those days rock & hiphop bursts my tension & rain as dopamine. Somedays I want to improve, overcome & achieve. Those days motivational songs throw a projectile of energy into my mind. Somedays I want to be basked in the glory of being Indian. Those days patriotic songs reign on my playlist. But somedays it becomes difficult to express to anyone what I feel. I feel lost amidst this big world. I feel insecure about myself. I feel wilted enough to bloom again, damaged enough to shine again. Those days “Itni shakti hume dena data” embrace me with open arms. Terms like music, song, melody are not appropriate for this composition. I will name it hope, courage, solace or whatever I feel while listening to it, while murmuring it.

//itni shakti hume dena data
man ka vishwas kamzor ho na
hum chalein nek raste pe hamse
bhoolkar bhi koi bhool ho na//

There are many times in my life when I question the existence of the Almighty. There are many times when my faith in Him is put to test. I doubt His justice when I see the girls in torn clothes selling chips packets on traffic post, when I see blind men begging in the railway station, when I see old persons being treated badly by his own progenies, when I listen people getting displaced from their homes due to flood & landslide, when I listen a family losing its only bread earner. My faith in Him shook in the wind of suspicion when I underwent severe illness in the year of my board exam, when I lost my most cherished dream by not getting a seat in govt. medical college, when the friend I trusted the most left me in the midway. But when I introspect what God has given me all these years, all my complaints about Him vanish away. Then I just pray Him to keep my faith unwaverered at any cost. We are humans & we tend to commit mistakes. But when we believe that there is someone above us watching all our deeds, we start walking on the rightous path. Whenever we move in the wrong direction even unintentionally, He is there to redirect us towards the way which is right for us.

//door agyaan ke hon andhere
tu hamein gyaan ki roshni de
har buraai se bachte rahein hum
jitni bhi de bhali zindagi de
bair ho na kisi ka kisi se
bhaawana man mein badle ki ho na//

Be it in form of Shiva or Jesus or Allah or Budhha, he has always appeared in front of the world to eradicate the ignorance from the mind of people. When we pray to them with our eyes closed, we see the darkness of our problems getting illuminated with the brightness of wisdom. It’s not a long life that gives us happiness. It’s a meaningful life devoid of wrongdoings that everyone wishes for.  When you keep the Almighty in your heart, He pulls your feet back from crushing an ant, He binds your hands not to collect richness by corruption, He blindfolds your eyes to see the defects in others, He mums your voice not to say harsh words to others, He restricts your mind from thinking evil of anyone. Sometimes I wonder how peaceful this world will be without the occurrence of crimes! And do crimes happen without the anger, hatred, ill will & revenge feelings between people! I don’t know about the feelings of others. I don’t know if the world can be a harmless place for everyone to live in. But I pray to Him to always keep myself away from doing such things that can cause harm to others.

//hum na sochein hamein kya mila hai
hum yeh sochen kiya kya hai arpan
phool khushiyon ke baantein sabhi ko
sabka jeevan hi ban jaaye madhuban
apni karuna ka jal tu baha ke
kar de paavan har ik man ka kona//

Most of the time we blame God when we don’t get something we wish for. But have you ever given your everything for something or someone without expecting anything in return? Try this sometimes. You will find peace & won’t gulp guilt later. You will enjoy the journey irrespective of destination reached or not. In this age of cutthroat competition, how many of us try to bring a smile to someone’s face! How many of pray for others’ smiles! But when you pray for others & your prayer gets answered, that feeling is incomparable. Imagine a surrounding with jasmines of joy blossoming in everyone’s face. How beautiful this sight will be! In today’s world which revolves around disease, depression, crimes & corruption, all that everyone needs is to have a pious heart which holds strong faith in the Almighty.

“Itni shakti hume dena data” is such a composition that we were taught to recite in our childhood. But we feel the lyrics as we grow up.


5 thoughts on “Itni shakti hume dena data

  1. I understand you very well

    the soul encompasses everything
    nobody needs an intermediary
    to understand
    what the soul tells us in a dream
    has to say every night

    by having the dream
    by not being the author
    the content of the dream
    make me aware
    I see with the inner eye
    both worlds
    the inside world and the outside world

    I am learning to understand
    what my purpose is
    to towards others
    and myself
    to become more tolerant

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