Baba for mami

Contribution of Baba in the life of Mami

  1. Mami says Ajaa(maternal grandfather) & Aai(maternal grandmother) are not concerned about her wellbeing anymore & she is no more a burden for them. They are happy that by giving a daughter they have found a son in return. They are confident that their son-in-law is the best person to hold the hand of their Nina for the lifetime.
  2. For the world they are husband & wife. But for themselves, they are best friends for life. Destiny blessed him a friend with whom her secrets are safe with lock & key, with whom her night ends & day begins daily, with whom she cherishes joy & fights odds, with whom she can be she without any filter.
  3. If motherhood is the best gift of the Almighty for a woman, then Baba is the one for whom the Almighty choose Mami to bless her with this beautiful gift.
  4. Marriage makes them vow that till death do us apart. But their love for each other makes them partnering in anything & everything, be it pleasure or sorrow, be it guilt or gratitude, be it enjoyment or mourning, be it ordinariness or speciality.
  5. No crowded road, no deserted street, no beast, no demon, no darkness, no broad light, no stranger, no relative, no storm, no lightning has the ability to scare her when he is with her. He is her shield that protects her from every odd.
  6. As far as I have seen mami is not a pro in decision making. But once she made the best decision of her life by choosing baba as her life partner. Since that day baba has become a solution to her every confusion & a tick and cross for her every decision.
  7. Mami uses neither Lakme nor loreal, neither lipstick nor eyeliner, neither facepack nor foundation. But grace shines from her face because holiness resides in between her eyebrows & in her midparted hair and that holiness belongs to the temple that resides underneath baba’s left chest. Baba’s love, care & respect for her are the adornment that makes her look differently beautiful.
  8. She never steps out for marketing groceries, vegetables & nonveg. Even shopping utensils, furniture, clothes & jewellery alone is not her cup of tea. For her shopping is the hot coffee in the mug with the two straws that is meant to be sipped together, by him, by her.
  9. It is said that earning bread is husband’s duty & baking bread is wife’s duty. But this saying doesn’t fit in our home. Starting from sweeping the floor & cutting vegetables to washing the plates & making bed Baba lightens the load of work from the shoulder of mami.
  10. Mami calls herself a lucky wife because her children are the luckiest enough to have the best father. ©ruchiabhisikta

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