How does a woman’s loyalty look like

A woman’s loyalty looks like this

1. She becomes a ghost in her own body at the mere thought of being replaced by any other girl in his life. Replacement scares her more than death.

2. For her compliment from other guys is a burdened formality of saying thanks in return. But if he tells a single word appreciating her, it echoes in her mind endlessly as it will never come out.

3. Red may be a guest for her for whom she doesn’t want to open the door ever. But the mirror says that she looks like home when she paints vermilion in her mid parted hairs. Then she blushes red, his favourite shade of poetry.

4. She feels that lunch with every other guy friends is a tempt to tastebud, but lunch with him is happiness to heart.

5. She can’t digest the idea of today’s love which is multiplying for many. She believes that love has no modern meaning and loyalty doesn’t advance with ages. Love is a destination and loyalty is a journey.

6. Her sarcasm smirks loud when any flirtatious stranger shows his sorcery in front of her. The world calls her ‘magic’. But she gives all the credit to her magician, to him.

7. She doesn’t feel butterflies fluttering in her stomach anymore. She lets her caterpillar grow hoping for his arrival. Because he is the start of her settlement and the end of her search.

8.  Her loyalty towards him is sometimes soothing like the moon and sometimes burning like the sun. You will find neither another moon nor another sun.

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