What are poems!

Emily, you know poems are not just written words. They are the soft taps of reassurance for everyone that it’s okay to be imperfect, unique & misunderstood. They are the breathing of frozen ink & broken nib. They are the heartbeats of dusted papers & damaged typewriter. They are the birthday chocolates of an orphan who don’t know his parents’ names. They are the white lilies on the cadaver of an abandoned mother who wished for her death daily while alive. They are the photos of lost friends whom you meet every day, but without wishing each other a hello. They are the beads of mangalsutra hanging from a woman’s neck which loves to be adorned with the long life of her husband. They are the puddles where you see your reflection when the season of your eyes turns rainy. They are the sun rays that peep through your darkroom. They are the fluttering butterflies inside your stomach when your lover holds your hand. They are the fast-flying eagles in the sky of freedom when your account gets credited with your first salary. They are the dried leaves that fall upon you when you seat alone under the tree. They are the witness of your stressed eyes & sincere brain when the world sleeps under the lullaby of stars. They are the hands that pull you back when you try to jump from the fifth floor. They are the lotions that soothe your wounds which you hide from the entire world. They are the homes that embrace you like a family member when you are a mere refugee searching for asylum. They are the empires you win by defeating your fears of expression. They are the chorus that escapes from your chocked throat, they are the silence that pats your roaring mind. They are whiff of maturity, whim of childishness, tingle of love, tussle of envy, agony of heartbreak, aurora of ecstasy, petrichor of freshness & pickle of memories.

Emily, do you know how it feels when you comment ‘Well written ‘ on my post that drips from my laughter on a happy day! It feels like touching the sky.
Emily, do you know how it feels when you comment ‘Wow’ on my post that freezes with my tears on a gloomy night. It feels like sinking in the sea.

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