Being a blessed daughter

The no. of times when you make me feel like Abhisikta* gifting me the diadem of a daughter:

  1. When you treat Mami like a queen not by jewelling her on the day of your wedding anniversary but by hand combing her disordered hairs, holding her grainy hand listening to her whole day stuff, telling her yours in every evening of weariness and proving yourself as best of her friends
  2. You raise my hope even when I fail to reach up to your expectations. And when your words, your voice, your face and you become my sole strength, my only reason to rise from my fall
  3. During my menstrual cramp, I pinch you, punch you, beat you, accuse you of my pain, for my being a girl. And when you say smilingly “For my crime, God blessed me with my Ruchi.”
  4. I ask you to come from the office early so that I can go outside with you. You come home too late and tell me “Let’s go”. I frown at you. Later I listen to you telling Mami regarding your busy day. I remember your face when you have said: “Let’s go”
  5. When you reach the station an hour before I reach on the day of my homecoming
  6. I say -” I am gaining weight and from today I won’t touch single sweet.” You come home with an attractive pack containing all my favorite sweets. I tiptoe towards the fridge. And when you laugh out loud from behind
  7. Mami rebukes me saying that I’m not learning anything and how can I manage everything after marriage. And when you try to stop that topic right there by remaining silent
  8. You take me to restaurants to satiate your mind in the name of hygiene. But I urge to eat street food. I burn my tastebuds while trying to finish hot momos quickly. And when you snatch that hot plate from me, hold it in your hand and ask me to eat comfortably
  9. During the walk, we both try to cross each other. And you go ahead of me with your long steps. I act like breathing heavily. And when you stand to look back at me, I chuckle and cross you
  10. The days I have severe fights with brother, you first call him culprit even when half of the fault is mine also. And when you come near me and say-“Ruchi, I never expect these things from you”
  11. I ask you “where did all the good things in life go”. When you smile at me saying “Where are the bad things in your life. I can’t see them.” And I see the empire of all my good things in your smile


    *Abhisikta is a Sanskrit word that means enthroned girl

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