Barsaat Ki Dhun

Dear Barsaat ki dhun

It has been a week since I listened to you for the first time. That day, as usual, I was roaming in the jungle of youtube in search of some knowledge & wisdom. Suddenly I bumped into you. You were a newcomer, still, you had already grabbed millions of views. When I listened to you, I felt warmth in that rainy weather. Maybe with your warm embrace, you injected me with adrenaline and I helplessly fell in love with you. Since then, you are ruling my realm, be it Youtube or Spotify, be it night or day. Each time I plug in my earphone, it’s you there waiting for me. I must say that in those 5 minutes 42 seconds I feel like love is not that complex & crooked as we assume. It’s simple & sweet, just like you. I move into fairyland, each time you buzz in my ears. I get spellbound. What a lyrics! What a voice! What a tune! What a story! What a picturisation! What a composition!

किसी शायर का दिल बनके
बरसाती हैं बूँदें तुमपे
नज़ारा उफ़ क्या होता है
गुज़रती हैं जब जुल्फों से

You hooked me up from the first line itself with your surreal metaphor. For the world, the words of a poet may seem like the pearls of intellect. But if you visit the heart of a poet, all you will see is the raindrops of emotions pouring incessantly. When you fall in love, you romanticize everything. Even in the wet black tresses of your lover, you feel a rainbow of beauty peeping towards you. Funny, but true.

वो पहली सी बारिश बनके
बरस जाओ ना तुम हमपे
हवा का रुख बदल जाये
मोहब्बत करना तुम ऐसे

In this age of boyfriend girlfriend, still, some people lock their hearts until they meet someone whom they can call husband/wife. In this age of breakup & patch-up, still, some people have made up their minds to put a tick mark on the bride/groom of their parents’ choice. I hope people like these must have smiled after watching the picturisation of this song. Somewhere deep inside their heart, they must have dreamt a love story like this. Is there any girl who doesn’t like her lover following her in the road, rambling around her home, standing beside her with an umbrella during rain? Is there any boy who doesn’t like his lover returning back to look at him, smiling at him from her window, coming out of her house to meet him during rain? How much we grow up, we can never be civilised in love. Love is something that makes us kiddish, wild & berserk.

जिस्मों से बरसती बारिश ने रूह भीगा दी है
इस मौसम की साजिश ने ये नींदे उड़ा दी है
वैसे तो डुबाने को बस एक बूंद ही काफी है
सोचो तो जरा क्या होगा अभी रात ये बाकि है

I wonder how some people think romance is synonymous with sex. Don’t they ever feel that rain is the festival of romance & romance is the celebration of love! Those people who think that romance is all about undressing & getting undressed physically, I feel pity for them. Somedays walk holding the hand of your lover in a rain-drenched deserted road, somedays dance with your partner in the rain, somedays splash the puddle & laugh at each other, somedays share a single cup of coffee from a roadside stall with raindrops mixed in it, somedays make a paperboat with your names written on it & sail it together. You will feel a chill running down your spine & your heart getting filled with purity & contentment.

बिजली चमकी लिपट गये हम
बादल गरजा सिमट गये हम
होश भी हो जाने दो गुम
सुन सुन सुन बरसात की धुन सुन
सुन सुन सुन बरसात की धुन सुन
सुन सुन सुन बरसात की धुन सुन

When you find yourself in the tight embrace of your beloved, you feel loose, loose like the sand falling from the palm. You feel like you are in the safest place in the world. You feel like now thunder can’t snatch your tranquillity, lightning can’t scare your heart, wind can’t blow away your happiness. You lose your conscience, still, you feel everything. Lightning may land you in the world of exclamation. Thunder may throw at you the pebbles of interrogation. But somedays listen to the rimjhim of rain, all you can feel is devotion. Listen to barsaat ki dhun & you won’t be disappointed.

I convey my heartfelt thanks to all your creators, Jubin Nautiyal, Rochak Kohli, Anu Malik, Rashmi Virag, Gurmeet Chaudhary, Karishma Sharma, Ashish Panda & all the T-series team for gifting such a piece of soothing music. Many songs enter & leave our playlist without letting us know. But I hope you will stay & make me smile every monsoon, a little more.


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