Rain: A Reminder

Rain reminds me of happiness
when I see the children
paddling newspaper boats
on roadside rills & gushing ripple
with bunches of smiles dangling from their lips

Rain reminds me of enjoyment
when I see the young lads
playing football with completely drenched bodies & fully enthusiastic minds
& the playground getting soaked with their laughter

Rain reminds me of romance
when I see a young couple
sharing fixed gazes with each other
while sipping chai from the same cup
under an omfed stall

Rain reminds me of misery
when I see a handicapped beggar
trembling underneath the flyover
after dragging his broken legs for hours
& the raindrops kissing his bare wounds

Rain reminds me of anger
when amidst the soothing rimjhim music
suddenly thunder roars
making me relate to how the uncle staying next door
yells at aunty at midnight
when the whole city relishes with the lullaby of stars

Rain reminds me of purity
when petrichor gets birth
after mating of incessant precipitation
with the parched soil
And the wind carries that soulful scent to my nostrils

Rain reminds me of amour-propre
when I peep into the puddle
with my head loaded with taunts & tantrums of society
& the puddle stares me back calling me beautiful

Rain reminds me of my weakness & strength simultaneously
when all the agonies of my inside flow through my eyes
and all those pass away with the drizzle outside
leaving behind a suitcase of self-realisation.

Rain reminds me of change
when homemade pakoras taste better than domino’s pizza after so many days
when I see the wilted plant of our garden bearing loads of greens after so many months
when my diary heartily welcomes a happy poetry after so many days

9 thoughts on “Rain: A Reminder

  1. first time I’ve read you; this is magnificent; so many homely images though the one I like best, the truly inspired, magical one is that of petrichor mating; excuse the cliche but it took my breath away 🙂 thanks for liking my post —most are more light-hearted than this one

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  2. This post reminds me of a lot of things, the good and the bad. So many images from the past just flashed before my eyes while reading this. Really loved this ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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