Goodbyes aren’t as ugly as we think. They hold a folded beauty that we fail to notice. The culprit with a final judgement is much luckier than the one without judgement. Because he has the idea about his mistake and the punishment for that. But what about the person who is still unaware of where did s/he go wrong. It is much better to throw a goodbye instead of gifting your arrogance & ignorance on regular basis. It is much better to leave with a reason instead of allowing the other person to search a thousand reasons why s/he should leave the path on which you had once walked together. It is much better to shut the door instead of keeping the door open to allow the people to return, the people who never looked like guests once upon a time. Isn’t it right to cut that thread of the shirt whose button has already been missed! Because you know that thread will neither vanish by itself nor will regain its previous strength. Isn’t it right to bury the cadaver of your pet! Isn’t it right to uproot that dead plant on your terrace! Because you are not nincompoop. You have a brain. You know it very well that it is so stupid to cook for that pet, to water that plant anymore. Isn’t it right to become a full stop when hanging as an apostrophe suffocates you to death! You know what, the people who disappear from your life without giving a proper cease, don’t do it being a prey of circumstance. They do it out of choice. Because it feeds their ego, their attitude develop wings and their pride fly in the sky of illusionary worthiness carrying the message that “Look! I ditched him.” ” Yes! I left her”. Sometimes I wonder. Are some people so cold-hearted that they can’t give an ultimate goodbye! Or are some people so unworthy that they don’t deserve a clear closure!

8 thoughts on “Goodbyes

  1. For me all things have a life process and that includes relationships and the ongoing state of any relationship. I think, for me, life consists primarily of hello’s and goodbye’s. Sometimes a goodbye is in order to reduce suffering for all concerned. Trying to keep a relationship alive may do nothing more than increase the suffering of all involved. That’s why there’s always the opportunities for new Hello’s. Great post.

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  2. I think it depends on your relationship with the person and circumstances. If you had a good relationship with someone and you don’t want to continue it, you should say a proper goodbye with reason. This way you won’t leave people hanging in hopes of your return.


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