Beauty with a brain

For her, terms like boyfriend, girlfriend, break up, patch up seem like the language of a distant land that she has no interest to learn.
But boys don’t retire from their hope-packed act of trying. They try hard to tempt her over texts, try harder to flaunt their care in front of her, try the hardest to grab her attention. And she never backsteps to gift abundant of ignorance to those flirtatious Romeos. Finally, to rescue their defensive ego from getting killed, they push her towards the pool of blame. And now the world sees her differently as if she is drenched with the mud of arrogance, attitude and reservedness. The reality is that her personality is not muddy with their thrown attributes. But their vision is soiled enough to unsee the truth, truth of her personality that has the ability to weigh to reality. They say her heart has no softness to love anyone and she nods bravely, smilingly. Because she knows that they will praise her beauty now and will prefer a prettier face later. She knows that now their presence will subtract ten more hours from her busy day and later their absence will add ten more hours to her blank day. She knows that there will remain a large gap between what she explores about them now and what she will conclude about them later & in that gap she will lose a part of herself. She knows that now they will plant roses of memories in her mind and later those will wilt and stink. She knows neither she can stop the clock from ticking restlessly nor the clock will stop her from misusing it aimlessly. She knows, by sleeping, singing, dancing, reading, writing, painting, cooking, playing, gardening she can give much more joy to herself than any temporary person can ever give to her. She is well aware of the fact that time will fly away from her if she lets the butterflies in her stomach flutter. So she chooses to take care of the caterpillar of her love and lets it grow until the time walks towards her gracefully.

Do you recognize who is she?

A damsel with arrogance, attitude & reservedness


Beauty with a brain!


5 thoughts on “Beauty with a brain

  1. As a man
    I have to
    my own
    to sell my soul

    so I
    the other
    can make a figure

    with money
    Look at
    Wealth and possessions
    I don’t have any of this

    I know
    at my end
    remains a nothing
    back from me


  2. My Love is very much like this and being the brilliant INTJ she is, she does not suffer fools lightly.
    Still trying to figure out how I got so lucky to live within her world.


  3. Smiles Love that
    Gives Love That
    Captures Now

    Only one

    Stays Hunt

    Is Never Over For
    The Other As Love
    Is Love With No Catches

    True Some Do Both

    Love Game Play Stay
    Or Just Go Away Stray

    Hehe it All Makes Me



    i’m Married

    For 31 Years




    Help Each
    Other That’s Love…

    Love Had A ‘Rare Smell’
    That Is Real Before Text…


    Too Many
    Fish To Catch…🎣

    So Much Fake Bait…


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