Observe a writer someday

The things that you may find when you observe a writer-

1. Her smile has gone through several rebirths. But she still remembers all the people of past lives associated with it, who were responsible for its death, who blessed it with rebirth. Copyright of memories has no expiry period as her ink makes them immortal.

2. Injustice against innocents pricks her mind to the extreme. She returns to her table, injured. Then pen and paper bandage her injured mind. A moment before, she was a worrier. The world sees her as a warrior, a moment later.

3. Sometimes thoughts party inside her mind during the period of melancholy. And sometimes her heart becomes alone in a party where everyone is busy in enjoying.

4. People say everything she writes is a facade. She wonders if the smile that got painted on her face while switching over to next line, the tears that blotted on the page brighter than ink are unreal too.

5. The lost friend to whom she once valued the most, writes to her an apology after long. She reads that like the last page of her favourite book and that book never appear on her bookshelf again.

6. The very first word that strikes your mind when you see her is ‘deep’, just like the sea. And you leave her assuming that all she can give is ‘salinity’, never sweetness.

7. She handles her heart like fine pieces of bone china. Still, it is full of scars. Scars of guilt, scars of failure, scars of agony, scars of inferiority. But those scars don’t bleed red. They bleed the colour of fonts of the words she scribbles.

8. Nothingness grasps you when you stare for hours at the beads scattered on the floor. But in a blink of second everything makes sense when your eyes get fixated on the necklace of poem hanging on her throat.


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