Will you be mine?

If your boundless love fits into fist size heart of mine

If the lens of your endearment fits into not so beautiful eyes of mine

If the key of your happiness fits into the lock of the childishness of mine

If the crystals of your soothing words fit into the emotional void of mine

If the rainbow of your humour fits into the grey mood of mine

If the shield of your possessiveness fits into the freedom of mine

If the framework of your family fits into the family portrait of mine

If the pattern of your choice fits into the simple life floor of the mine

If the palace of your future plans fits into the dreamland of mine

If you are the one whose character fits into the love verses of mine

If your personality fits into the theory of true soulmate of mine

If the crown of your dreamgirl fits into the head of mine…

Then from miles apart can you reach the still undiscovered heart of mine

Then can you make me feel that I am only yours and you are only mine

Then can I ask you to fit your fingers into that of mine???


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