Love is in the dessert

Slices of a cake, a packet of chocolates

Spoonful of custard and a bowl of kheer

A piece of pastry, a pan of pudding

A box of sweets and a cone of icecream

The realm of my happiness is in the shape of these.

But each time I tiptoe to the kitchen

to steal these for him,

my love for him becomes louder.

For once when I share these secretly with him

and see him gobbling with a smile

Then the dessert feels tastier.

Because the taste is going to linger long

and our togetherness is going to breathe longer.

These moments run so fast

Still, these memories will always last

And we will always start,

start running towards each other, a bit faster

every time we will grow older, a little more.

His twinkle, his teasing, his gossip and a gaze of him

Sweetness what I consider is filled

in his everything up to the brim.

I say he devours the flavour like a wild

And he says I look berserk while watching him devour the flavour.

Our love is not civilised. We both accept also.

It is wild like him. It is berserk like me.

But it is soothing just like dessert.

Dessert for us is the conversation between our tastebuds and our hearts.

Dessert for us is the juxtaposition of our luck and our love.

Dessert for us is the horizon that unites my earth and his sky.

Dessert for us is the most magical composition that sings our zigzag journey.

Dessert for us is the fraction in which he sits at the top as the hero, I peep from the bottom as zero and unitedly our bond results in

something that none can define…


9 thoughts on “Love is in the dessert

      1. SMiles Master “The
        Tool” As Avenues For Compassionate Love
        Or Be Slave And Become
        The Cold Machine For it

        Is True

        Love Is
        Use Or Lose

        Like Any Other
        Intelligence of Life
        Really As Science Shows

        Mechanical Cognition
        Withers Away Our


        For Social Empathic
        Artistic Spiritual Intelligence
        Yes Love And Yes Cultures


        Human Capital
        Is Seen As Worthless
        Unless It Makes Money

        Is The
        God Instead

        Of All The other
        Colors Of Life that
        Spring Within To

        Give And
        Share Free
        With Everyone

        Love Is The Meaning
        Of Human Without


        Is Only “Swipe
        Left And Right” Tool
        As That Applies To




        Love Is A Garden
        Tended With Care
        As Every Word Becomes

        Song Every Step
        Becomes Dance True

        Ancestors Did This
        Some Still Do With

        Only Soul
        Of Song


        Dance Free
        Born With These

        Gifts From Birth
        Even If The Sound

        The Sweet Child
        Singing Makes No



        The Dance
        Has No Lesson
        From Anywhere




        From Within

        This Is How Human
        Flowers Bloom Naturally


        Become Love
        It Doesn’t Come
        Out Of Baby Food
        Jars Or HeARTS


        In Jars Collected
        As Numbers in Terms
        Of Dollar Bills And Other

        Stuff As


        Become Faster Cars

        And Bigger Houses
        Become A Next God

        To Worship Too hehe
        Like Likes, Follows,




        More Button
        Press Than



        Breath Love 🏝


  1. Good day. Ruchiabhisikta

    Thank you for showing a relationship.

    I myself
    can not
    in the heart
    see someone else

    and we also laid
    tightly embraced
    in a bliss
    next to each other

    and take a picture
    a wonderful woman
    that in me
    still lights up today
    moved me

    i don’t know
    why we don’t
    could hold on
    on a common path

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

    Liked by 1 person

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