Mother vs daughter

A mother dies at the thought of her daughter falling in love with the wrong guy. Conversation between a mother and her young daughter regarding love never feels like a mere exchange of words and emotions. Sometimes it feels like a war that is meant to be remembered like a historical event. And sometimes it feels like a festival of another religion that you can only dream to celebrate. Wizard hormones dopamine and oxytocin don’t fail to cast a spell on the daughter. And experience stood as a mirror in front of the mother effortlessly, yet firmly. When the daughter’s mind has already reached its fifties holding the hand of her lover, mother’s mind travels back to her twenties regretting over her erroneous choice in love. While gazing at her lover, the daughter becomes fearless of drowning and the shine of a different charm in her eyes scares the mother anticipating thousands of reasons to pull her out from that pool. The daughter searches for a home in her lover because now a part of her is hers only and most of her are his. And the mother who homes the entire her as a foetus for long nine months settles at the conception that her daughter is running away from her each day, a little more.

For a daughter, love is a blissful crime that makes her stand as a criminal in front of her mother. And for a mother love is a blameworthy culprit who paves her little toddler in a puddled path,

the path in which a toddler isn’t allowed to walk,

the path in which a girl can’t walk back.


15 thoughts on “Mother vs daughter

  1. Good afternoon, ruchiabhisikta

    Thank you for your words:

    my answer:

    A mother knows
    the way of your child
    that it has to go
    never himself to the child

    the mother will
    from the great mother
    the universe needed
    to pass on life

    Be in love
    This is
    an event
    that neither
    the woman
    nor the man
    right or wrong
    your own heart
    holds in chains

    the woman becomes her risk
    without the mother
    The life
    in suffering and need
    all experience
    go your own way

    the good bye
    from one’s own mother
    the father
    detached from tradition
    their fears
    and fears

    and if it’s mother and father
    do not like
    their curse instead of their blessing
    to endure
    what is part of growing up

    there is no
    wrong counterpart
    we are all of the outside world
    the inner world
    of the respective powers

    the child
    it beats audibly
    for the first time
    in the mother’s uterus

    show her with it
    that not you
    to possession
    only for care
    is for his own
    his life to come

    Love is just a word
    by thinking
    everything, the bad the good
    with a spell
    to be able to unite

    in their own history
    we are unasked
    with a cry of blood
    thrown on the earth

    with the last lawsuit
    with the last breath
    back into the dark
    thrown back into darkness

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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      1. You are such an honestly good person
        what I dare not say about myself

        You wrote from your heart
        I followed you with my words

        Please don’t follow what I say
        Please listen to the heartbeat of your soul

        I have myself in front of you
        to bow down
        and to thank


  2. It’s constantly amazing how much I change as I become age experienced. Simple impact of five or ten years, the bodies chemical changes, accumulated experience, memory, and feelings drift and change into new perspectives. The old forgotten or seen in entirely different ways. The endless war of perspectives between us all due to things we have no control over. Life is definitely bittersweet. Great post. Thanks

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