Train & Thoughts

Indian railway tracks are always in conflict with the mobile networks.
While travelling in a train,
Sometimes I curse this conflict so much when my stagnant mind can do nothing except staring blankly at the zero network of my phone.
Sometimes I enjoy this conflict to the fullest when my heart succeeds in storing some words and emotions in the memo of my phone.

Sometimes I wanna observe deeply for a little longer to those feelings filled faces of people standing in the station to receive or to bid bye to their loved ones.

Sometimes I wanna ask those group of transgenders if they also want someone in life to share all the moments good and bad.

Sometimes I wanna take that little pale baby in my arms who peeps so innocently from the lap of his young mother in torn clothes.

Sometimes I wanna give the cake from my bag to that handicapped man with soulful voice instead of searching for jingling coins in my purse.

Sometimes I wanna laugh with the gang of friends in wildest of jokes and munching chocos. Sometimes I wanna ask them if there is any other thing to discuss rather than gossiping something rubbish about others.

Sometimes I wanna listen to the abstract thoughts of the person sitting next to me. Sometimes I wanna ask the aunty in the front seat the reason for her keen gaze on me.

Sometimes I wanna untie my hairs and allow them to romance with the wind flowing from the window. Sometimes I wanna move my head, feet & tongue with the rhythm of that repeat song playing in my phone.

Sometimes I wanna do whatever my heart wishes. Sometimes I wanna say whatever comes to my mind.

But sometimes I don’t wanna think, but can’t stop myself from thinking “What if others will consider me as a sentimental fool, an immature misfit, a nonsense girl!”

11 thoughts on “Train & Thoughts

  1. I travel from local everyday (or at least used to before this lockdown happened) and honestly these thoughts resonate with me so much that I probably miss travelling now. Nicely done!

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  2. Highly relatable!
    I used to travel 2 times a year from Chennai to Mumbai and I have came across all those moments!! Thanks for sharing. Due to this pandemic the trip cancelled and now you refreshed!!!!!😍❤

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