A conversation on beauty

She: I feel ugly amidst all those pretty girls. please don’t compel me to attend marriage functions.”

Her Mother: What is beauty from your point of view? Tell me.

She: Of course it is the combination of genetics and cosmetics.

Her Father: So you mean to say that your parents aren’t beautiful. Right!

She: None can be more beautiful than them, at least not for my eyes.

Her Mother: Then how do you dare to call our daughter ugly!

She: But Mummie! You know well how much backward I am in this world of mascara, highlighter and lipgloss.

Her Mother: Who restricts you not to apply those! It is your personal choice not to use makeup. But in fact, a smile in face and decency in behaviour are the real beauty of a girl.

Her Father: Daughter! Some years back I found such beauty in a girl and I think you had inherited this beauty from her.

Her Mother: But your daughter is more like you.

They smiled at each other
and she laughed louder.

23 thoughts on “A conversation on beauty

  1. Dialogues can come and go in conversation, but when they bring the beauty of words, they are the ones that remain in the memory and are enjoyed when they are read. Those are yours.
    A good day for you

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